10 Key Features of a Real Estate Mobile App

Determining the app features to be included in an app is one of the most important phases of mobile app development. We have compiled this directory of the top real estate app features based on our experience and the evolving technology styles. For instance, have a look or implement:


01 Signup and Login

A basic form of the app that will be used for user registration and the logging in process by existing users is the register form. The signup and login function operates

02 User Profile

The user profile for the agent and buyer, as well as the property profile, is an agent profile and a buyer profile.

03 Integrated Maps

A map can be viewed on the website that displays properties that can zoom in and out and see their surroundings.

04 Filters Search

There are several filters you can use to filter your property search, including filtering by price range and type.

05 Saved Searches

This enables the broker to save favorite searches for your client and get notifications when new properties meet those criteria.

06 Price Calculator

You can calculate the approximate mortgage payments and EMIs using the mortgage calculator.

07 Contact Agents

Get in touch with real estate agents or even the proprietors of real estate properties in real time.

08 User reviews

Views, feedback, and suggestions on the properties and services offered by the company.

09 Push Notifications

Receive notifications in real-time whenever there is an update on any search or find that they have made

10 Calendar

Ensure that the appointments/visits are scheduled within the time slot that has been indicated in the calendar.