In 2023, new technologies like AI Chatbots emerged, while existing tools like Serverless Architecture and PWAs grew. In 2024, these trends are expected to continue, with a focus on staying ahead of the curve.

Adding AI functionality to applications


ChatGPT is gaining popularity for website content creation, replacing traditional methods in 2024. Developers must learn to interact with Language Learning Modules for AI functionality.

AI-based Developer tools


AI-based developer tools like Cursor, Raycast, and GitHub Copilot are popular for improving efficiency in tasks like code debugging and providing detailed code suggestions. To integrate them into your workflow, try learning them within a week.

Serverless Architectures


AWS, GCP, and Azure simplify backend management with serverless architectures for SaaS apps. Next.js enables serverless functions like authentication and APIs. Beginners should start with AWS for its market leadership and learning resources.



Jamstack, growing annually since 2015, saw a 30% rise in 2023. Embrace it now with tools like Next.js, Gatsby, and Headless CMS. Basics in under a month; proficiency in 2-3 months.

Animated UI and engaging UX


Utilize animations and transitions with tools like Framer Motion to enhance user engagement on websites. Learn basics in under a month; explore advanced 3D animations with Three.js for further enhancement.

Dark Mode


Dark mode is increasingly popular beyond developers, reflected in design trends on platforms like Dribbble. Implement with tools like TailwindCSS; learn in days for existing projects.

TypeScript Adoption


TypeScript's popularity is soaring, overtaking Java in open-source projects per GitHub's 2023 report. Learn TypeScript by integrating it into existing projects or using frameworks like Next.js. Basic competency in 1-2 months.

Component-Driven Design and Development


Component-driven design, popularized by React and Vue, enhances collaboration, communication, and reduces code duplication. Achieve proficiency by learning and implementing it in your projects over 1-2 months.

Headless CMSs with a visual experience


Demand is rising for Headless CMSs with visual editing, like Prismic, over traditional CMSs. Explore and integrate these platforms in projects to improve development and user experiences. Basic proficiency in 2-3 weeks.

API-First Development


API-first Development is crucial for integrating tools and supporting omnichannel content delivery. Learn by building and integrating REST and GraphQL APIs with Headless CMSs. Achieve basic competency in 2 months.


In conclusion, staying ahead in web development involves embracing trends like AI, serverless architectures, Jamstack, and more. GMTA Software encourages exploring these trends to enhance your projects and skills in 2024. Thank you for watching.