Web Development Companies in Florida

Discover the dynamic web development scene in Florida, boasting a range of options from established firms to innovative players, providing tailored solutions for businesses.



Emerline is a top software creation company, providing full-cycle engineering services and ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certifications for businesses in the USA and Europe.

Cosmico Studios


Miami-based Cosmico Studios offers web design and development services for iOS, Android, and web apps, with a competitive hourly cost of $51-$100 and a minimum project size of $5001-$10000.



AgileEngine, a Washington-based software developer, offers remote teams, onsite consulting, and proprietary products that revolutionize developers' work at companies like Mercedes and Samsung.

GMTA Software


GMTA Software offers industry-specific digital solutions, including safe, bespoke, and user-friendly web portals. Established in 2019, with a strength of 11-50, hourly rates of $20-$50, and minimum project funds of $5,000-$10,000.



Artelogic, a seven-year-old software development company, delivers timely, budget-compliant solutions with offices in Silicon Valley, Singapore, and Lviv, Ukraine, leveraging human relations for customer satisfaction.

Thrive Internet Marketing


Thrive Internet Marketing, established in 2005, offers results-driven internet marketing to help companies surpass rivals, build professional partnerships, and manage projects under $5000.

Endive Software


Endive Software, a Sarasota-based IT firm, specializes in web and mobile app development, offering services like digital marketing, IoT, AI, web development, Salesforce solutions, and mobile app development.



KitRUM, established in 2014, connects CxOs with top software engineers in Poland and Ukraine, offering affordable, risk-free access, flexible scaling, and specific technical experience.



UPQODE, a Nashville-based web development and digital marketing agency, offers SEO optimization, website design, and SEO services for small to large businesses with a minimum hourly rate of $51-100.

Coalition Technologies


Coalition Technologies, established in 2009, is the US's top e-commerce design and development firm with over ten years of experience. They work with top e-commerce systems and undertake custom design work for brands.


Florida offers diverse web development options, including established firms like Emerline, innovative players like Cosmico Studios, and promising contenders like GMTA Software, providing tailored solutions for businesses.