5 Things AI Can’t Accomplish Yet

AI is now required for everything from self-driving vehicles to personalised recommendations. Even though AI has advanced significantly, there are still some activities and talents that it finds challenging.

AI systems may be able to recognize and evaluate some human emotions, but they lack true emotional intelligence and empathy. 

1. Empathy and Emotional Intelligence

Even if artificial intelligence has made great strides in the production of works of music, art, and literature, it still has to be improved in order to be really imaginative and creative. 

2. Creativity and Imagination

AI excels in processing and deciphering massive amounts of data, but struggles with common sense reasoning.

3. Common Sense Reasoning

AI is an impartial technology that only employs the techniques and skills that are taught to it. It is unable to make moral decisions because it lacks a moral compass.

4. Morality and Ethics

Humans have the capacity to quickly digest new knowledge and adjust to unfamiliar situations. On the other hand, extensive training on huge datasets is often necessary for AI to be efficient at a certain task. AI has the mental capacity to make decisions under pressure, hence it is unable to do so.

5. Adaptability and Intuition