6 Best Java GUI Frameworks

Java is still one of the most popular programming languages around. There are many reasons for this. It's used in the Android operating system, and also in regular desktop applications, games, scientific programs, big data projects, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, websites, and mobile apps.

1. Spring

Spring is an older but very popular Java framework. It has many modules and libraries that make project development much easier. It also includes security features like advanced validation and authentication.

2. Play

Play is a free, open-source tool made for building web applications using Java. It's designed to be simpler to use than another popular tool called Spring. You just need a web browser and a text editor to start working with it.

3. Grails

Grails is a free framework you can use to build web applications. It uses a programming language called Groovy and runs on the Java Virtual Machine. Grails is open-source and licensed under Apache 2.0, meaning anyone can use and modify it.

4. Hibernate

Hibernate is a Java framework used by many big companies to check and manage user access. It's also one of the most popular open-source Java frameworks available.

5. Jakarta Faces

Jakarta Faces, which used to be called JavaServer Faces or JSF, is a tool that helps developers make modern, user-friendly web pages.

6. Google Web Toolkit

The Google Web Toolkit (GWT) is a popular tool for developers who want to create complicated web applications. It turns Java code into JavaScript, so developers only need to know Java and not JavaScript.