5 Best Applications for Learning English

In 2024, you most likely always have your phone on you, which makes it a perfect study aid. Out of the thousands of mobile apps available, I've selected the top Applications for Learning English as a language enthusiast. Learn English "on the go" with these apps in a variety of fun and engaging ways.

Hello English

Using translations and grammatical rules, Hello English is an app that takes a traditional approach to language learning.

Best for New Learner


Using the app Bright, you can rapidly pick up new vocabulary.

Best for Memorizing New Words


Best for Basic English

Mondly has a lot of unique features and focuses on conversational phrases for commonplace scenarios.


Best for Testing Your Skills

You can test your English skills with all the English lessons and games available on the Knudge.me app.


Best for Fun Beginner Lessons

With entertaining, structured lessons that include games and quick exercises, Lingodeer advances you from beginner to intermediate.

Choose the app that works best for you as each one is unique and has strengths of its own.