10 Best Apps to Learn Piano in 2024


10 Best Apps to Learn Piano in 2024


Piano learning has become more enjoyable and accessible with top piano instruction apps. These apps not only provide musical expertise but also act as online tutors, helping users understand expressive playing, finger placement, and music theory.

What’s a piano learning app?

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A piano learning app is a specialized computer program that provides resources, tutorials, and features for learning to play the piano on a phone or tablet. It is suitable for all skill levels, offering virtual keyboards for finger placement and note recognition, and engaging classes for advanced players.

Simply Piano


Simply Piano is a revolutionary piano learning app by JoyTunes that aids in family piano practice sessions. It aids in developing rhythm, finger placement, and music reading skills, providing immediate feedback and a sense of coaching. It transforms learning into a fun and engaging experience.



Yousician is a popular piano learning app suitable for both piano and guitar/ukulele players. It offers enjoyable learning through videos, tasks, and feedback, acting as a virtual teacher. The app features a variety of songs from different genres, allowing users to experiment with techniques and receive real-time feedback on their performance.



Flowkey is a visually appealing piano learning app that combines technology and professional instruction. It can be linked to a digital piano, providing feedback and playing feedback. Ideal for beginners, it's simple and visually appealing, while advanced content is available for advanced users.

Playground Sessions


Playground Sessions is an innovative piano learning app that combines video games and structured lessons with Quincy Jones. It offers a fun and engaging way to learn piano skills, transforming practice from a tedious chore to a thrilling journey.



Skoove is a unique app designed for beginners to learn the piano in a style that suits their skill level. It adapts to each user's learning style, learning from their performance in interactive classes. Skoove makes piano learning simple, enjoyable, and productive, making it suitable for all levels of experience.

Piano Marvel


Piano Marvel is a comprehensive learning app that caters to all levels of experience, offering learning objectives, a vast collection of songs, and tools for practice and improvement. It covers fundamentals like hand placement, note reading, and intricate rhythms, assisting both beginners and seasoned players.



Apple's GarageBand is a versatile tool for learning and playing the piano, offering a touch-sensitive virtual piano on your device. It offers a variety of piano sounds, including electric, acoustic, and synthesiser pianos, allowing users to experiment with different sounds and aesthetics for music creation.



Pianote App offers a unique method for learning the piano, featuring skilled instructors and practice materials. Created by Drumeo creators, it features videos demonstrating basic to complex concepts, covering various genres like jazz, popular music, and classical. It allows users to test various techniques and express themselves through music.

Piano in 21 Days


Piano in 21 Days is an online program designed for busy individuals who need quick piano lessons. It offers a unique approach to learning the piano, focusing on chords instead of traditional notation and theory. The course includes daily video lectures, practical skills, and a variety of well-known tunes.

Perfect Piano


Perfect Piano is an exceptional app that offers a vast array of resources for learning, practicing, and performing piano on your phone or tablet. With a variety of piano sounds, including grand pianos, electronic pianos, and synthesisers, it's easy to discover your musical style and genre.


Piano learning apps like Flowkey, Playground Sessions, and Skoove offer a comprehensive approach to music education. These tools help students connect with the instrument, express themselves, and find joy in making music. They provide enjoyable learning experiences, adapt to interests, and allow users to experiment with creating their own music.