Best eScooter Rental Apps to Explore in 2024

It's not simple to choose the top e-scooter rental apps, though. The apps and your priorities must align. To make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of the best eScooter rental apps. Here you can find market statistics for mobility vehicles, a guide to choosing the top rental app for e-scooters, and a list of them. Now let's get started.

1. Bird

Bird electric scooters offer users a variety of environmentally friendly transportation options in different cities. In the US, 44% of people are aware of the app. Roughly 13% of participants expressed their wish to return to using the Bird app.

2. Lime

Lime e-scooters have a range of about 20 kilometres and a maximum speed of 14.8 mph. Forbes reports state that Lime Gen 4 e-scooter rentals have emerged as one of the most popular e-scooters. The latest version of the company has increased the effectiveness and value of micro-mobility.

3. Spin

Spin provides users with excellent electric scooter rental options because of its easy-to-locate features, which make riding enjoyable. Among the best eScooter rental apps, the app is distinguished by its cutting-edge features and functionalities.

4. Skip

San Francisco-based Skip Dockless Electric Scooter App is a startup. The business provides more practical, clever solutions. Here, you can easily ride the e-scooter for short distances during peak hours by scanning it with the kickstand.

5. Goat

The Goat app is renowned for simplifying city transport. It's an app for easy ride-sharing and last-mile connectivity. With a fleet of hundreds of eco-friendly kick scooters, this is an inexpensive ride-sharing and on-demand e-scooter app.

6. eScoot

Users of the eScoot app can share electric kick scooters that can be picked up and dropped off at any location. This app offers a practical way to travel to and from work, as well as to explore the city while on vacation or out and about with friends.

7. Wind

Wind provides short-distance urban scooter rentals that do not require docking. The business is a micro-mobility venture with headquarters in Berlin-Barcelona. Installing this app from app stores will allow users to test out the new e-scooter service.

8. JET

You can rent an electric scooter from any of the city's parking lots with JET, an e-scooter rental service. When it's convenient for you, you can return the e-scooter. With a 7.8 Ah long-lasting battery and a speed of 15.5 mph, these eScooters can travel up to a mile.

9. Dott

Dott's hassle-free ride features that help with traffic make it one of the e-scooter rental apps. The app is available in numerous cities throughout Europe. This company sells attractive, convenient, and environmentally friendly e-scooters.

10. Tier

Another e-scooter option that gives you the freedom to move around the city and explore is called Tier. Here, you just need to launch the app and follow a few easy steps to rent a ride. The company offers shared electric scooters in more than 100 locations worldwide, making mobility smart and simple.