Best free workout apps for women


Caliber's extensive features for both one-on-one and group training put it at the top of our list of the best workout apps. But, its free version is still quite comprehensive and supported by research, so it also takes the top spot for best free workout app.

2.Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club is completely free, unlike the majority of the apps on this list, which offer a free and premium version. Nike made the highly valuable decision to make their app entirely free for everyone on their fitness journey during the 2020 pandemic. The app includes expert advice on nutrition, recuperation, and weight loss.

3.Map My Fitness

The greatest free fitness app for runners is Map My Fitness, also known as Map My Run, because of its extensive GPS tracking and other free features. While we're talking about free features, Amanda Capritto, CPT, CNC, CES, CF-L1, our tester, says the monthly subscription, which costs less than $6 per month and includes analyses for heart rate, power output, running cadence, and other things, can be worthwhile.


There is Jefit, a fitness tracker with a vast exercise library, for those who use a home gym or frequent gyms. The free version of Jefit lets you track and log your workouts and access certain workout plans, but many are only available with the elite membership.


There are two approaches to utilise ClassPass if you're looking for guided workouts. The first and most well-known feature of ClassPass is that it allows you to look for and sign up for nearby fitness classes, such as kettlebell, boot camp, and HIIT, in addition to salon appointments.


The range of CrossFit exercises that are available on SmartWOD is sure to please any fan of functional fitness. With the help of this app, which doubles as a WOD generator and creator, you can look up workouts online or create your own by using the built-in timer to record reps and rounds. SmartWOD offers a fresh, quick workout option if you're looking for one.


If you are an endurance athlete, such as a cyclist, Strava is an excellent app for tracking your cycling routes. It stands apart from the majority of other free cycling apps not only because of the social component but also because of the reasonably accurate GPS tracking.


For those who are just starting out in the fitness world, FitOn is an excellent resource because it offers a plethora of free guided workout videos. The majority of the app is free, but the premium version offers some cool features like offline workout downloads, personalised meal plans, and premium music selections to liven up your playlist.


Hevy is our choice for the greatest free app for community support if you're searching for a straightforward fitness tracker with a sizable community feed. Heavy has a large exercise library for you to track your workouts, but it also has a social media section and community feed where you can share your workouts and videos and like, comment, and follow other users' workouts.


AllTrails is the perfect app if you're a hiker who enjoys the great outdoors and well-maintained trails. The free version includes all the features required for most trail hikes, including trail navigation, guide access, syncing with Garmin, and the ability to like and save trail routes. However, the premium version, AllTrails+, adds more features and details to your map.