Best  Prank Apps

Honestly, one of the most enjoyable things you can do is pull practical jokes on your loved ones. However, it's just not funny anymore to play the old "what's that on your shirt" joke. It's time to use technology to step up your prank game. Prank apps are essential if you want to be the most infamous person in the area, to put it simply. And who better to provide the best recommendations than the developers of the apps you love? Let's get started by reviewing the top prank apps available on the app store.

1. Prankdial

This one has hundreds of prank calls in it. Simply select the game you wish to play, and let the user handle the remaining labor-intensive tasks. This is how it works. Choose a prank call option, fill in the information, and proceed. The app will then prank the person on the other end of the call by calling the specified number.

2. Fart Sounds 

Farts! Farts are amusing. generally when you don't give them permission to leave. You can even force someone to fart at your discretion by using this fart sound prank app! The Fart Sounds & Annoying Noises app is our selection for the fart app since no list of prank apps would be complete without it.

3. The Prank App

Because it's THE prank app, not just "a" prank app. It includes several practical jokes in one package. While not all of the apps in this list are the best, the majority of them are. There are over ten jokes included, and more can be obtained through in-app purchases.

4. Crack & Break It!

This prank app allows you to shatter glass and is another soundboard on the list. At least you could make a noise about it. The app features a variety of sounds that simulate breaking glass. Select from a variety of items, including bottles, balloons, glass blocks, light bulbs, and fluorescent tubes. Undoubtedly, using the Crack & Break It app is very simple. Perfect for pulling practical jokes on your mother or wife (the beating that follows the practical joke is neither our responsibility nor that of the app!).

5. Who’s Calling Fake Caller

Although the app's name may not sound too appealing, we can assure you that it's among the greatest prank apps. You can use it to gain influence among your friends, defuse an awkward situation, appease your parents, and more. To make it appear even more genuine, you can even upload a photo to the caller ID. You can also answer the call when it comes in. The fact that you will hear the other side is the best part.

6. Fake All

Yes, prank call apps are fun, but texts have far greater credibility. Not to mention the fact that iMessages, The Messengers, WhatsApp, and a host of other apps are used by everyone for texting these days. We therefore have the perfect app for you if you want to have fictitious conversations with famous people. Although Fake All isn't just a prank call app, that is its official definition. However, it also has tools for creating phoney text exchanges.

7. Voice Changer Prank App

Fake calls are among the greatest practical jokes you can play on someone. However, this is a slightly different prank call app than the others. Rather than acting like everything is fake, how about you alter your voice? That's exactly what this free voice changer app allows you to do. Because of this, the prank app has an integrated recorder that allows you to record your voice and edit it with filters. Filters can alter the voice's characteristics to sound more feminine or masculine, robotic, higher, lower, faster, slower, and more.

8. Funsta

We've talked about voice changers, prank calls, fake noises, and other things so far. However, nothing on the list compares to this one. Funsta is a well-known pranking app that lets you trick your friends by integrating with social media sites like Instagram. This is how it works: Using the prank app, users can fabricate fake stories, conversations, likes, and millions of comments on social media posts. Both sides of the conversation are open for discussion. Actually, you can give the account that blue checkmark as well.

9. Fake GPS Location Spoofer

Wish to demonstrate to your friends that you have unexpectedly travelled to Antarctica? With this fake GPS location spoofer, you can certainly pretend to be somewhere you're not even though you can't hope from one place to another. It's an excellent prank app and very easy to use. The location that the user chooses to display can be anywhere in the world. from South Africa and the Philippines to Russia and the USA. Thus, this prank app is exactly what you have been looking for if you want to tell your friends that you are going somewhere exotic.

10. Ghost Prank App

I'll say it again: EVERYONE has experienced ghost fear at some point in their lives. And it's among the book's oldest practical jokes! You could bring this fear to the surface with the ghost prank app. It lets users take new photos with spooky-looking creatures in them or add ghosts to existing ones. There are numerous creatures, to answer your question. You can choose anything, from a flying scary girl to an unseen creature that's the stuff nightmares are made of. And it can get really, really scary, we assure you.