Best Soccer Streaming Apps

With the live football match streaming app, you can watch it all, whether you're waiting for Real Madrid to add another Champions League trophy to their collection or are glued to your seat anticipating the outcome of the Premier League.

You won't find any other live matches, replays, or highlight shows than those available on Peacock Premium, the premium tier.Peacock offers MLS games as well as some international matches, making it a well-rounded choice for fans of the Premier League.

1. Peacock (NBCUniversal)

You've probably heard of ESPN if you're a football fan. These days, ESPN+ is a pay service that offers an abundance of football content. Watch MLS, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, and FA Cup games (some localised blackout restrictions may apply).In addition to football, ESPN+ offers year-round entertainment in the form of original series, documentaries, and other sports content.


The CBS Sports app is already in use if you are a US football fan.This app provides a paid tier with no advertisements and a free tier with some restrictions.For casual football fans, the free tier isn't too bad, featuring some Champions League and Europa League matches in addition to Serie A and a few international friendlies.The content library doesn't change when you upgrade to the paid tier, but the advertisements are gone.

3. CBS Sports App (CBS)

Consider FuboTV to be a live sports streaming substitute for cable TV.They provide a selection of channel packages, among them sports networks that carry well-known football leagues like Ligue 1, Serie A, and La Liga.For cord-cutters who desire a full sports experience, including access to live events and sports news channels in addition to on-demand programming, this is perfect.

4. FuboTV

You underestimate the depths of what Youtube can offer.Sports networks on YouTube TV broadcast the Premier League, Champions League, and select international matches. Give it yet another fantastic choice for cord-cutters who are addicted to live sports and TV. In addition to football, you can enjoy live TV from a variety of channels and on-demand programming from your preferred networks, making it a flexible entertainment package.

5. YouTube TV

Although there are many Hulu-like apps available on the market, this platform version is completely different. We're discussing Hulu+ Live TV. With this service, you can enjoy ESPN+ along with the benefits of live TV. For people who like both sports and general entertainment, it's a great choice. While you can stream MLS, La Liga, and some international football matches with ESPN+, Hulu + Live TV offers live channels and on-demand content from multiple networks (with blackout restrictions possible).

6. Hulu + Live TV

Searching for something affordable for a particular football league? Sling TV may be the solution for you. There are several packages available for this live TV streaming service, some of which include channels that show specific Premier League and Serie A matches. Sling TV's targeted packages can be an affordable option if you don't need a wide channel selection and just care about watching a specific league.

7. Sling TV

Their speciality is combat sports like boxing and mixed martial arts (MMA), but DAZN (US) also has exclusive rights to select FA Cup and Serie A matches. DAZN may be worth it to ardent Serie A fans who are looking for a combat sports-focused subscription. However, some of the other options on this list might be more appropriate for a wider variety of football leagues.

8. DAZN (US)

Although Paramount+ isn't just a sports app, its affiliation with CBS Sports allows it to appeal to football fans.This implies that some Champions League and Europa League games will be available on Paramount+.If you already have a Paramount+ subscription for TV series and films, this is an added benefit for your football watching requirements.

9. Paramount+ 

On Twitch, a website best known for live streaming video games, football matches are occasionally shown.These are frequently from smaller leagues or international friendlies, so watching unanticipated games is free.But selection isn't always guaranteed, so don't get your football fix from Twitch alone.

10. Twitch