How Much Does it Cost To Develop An Online Shopping App Like AJIO?

Whether your goal is to expand your business or increase your return on investment, this web story is designed to offer solutions to these inquiries. Its primary aim is to furnish you with the pertinent details required for constructing top-tier online shopping applications akin to Ajio.

Factors Affecting

The extent of the project’s ambition and the number of features incorporated into the application, coupled with the expertise of your chosen mobile app development company, can significantly sway both the development duration and the associated costs.

Project Scope


Furthermore, the selection of platforms (e.g., iOS, Android, web) for app development and the technology stack employed can exert influence over both the development timeline and expenses.

Choice of Platforms and Technologies


The design and user experience of the application also wield substantial influence over development costs and timelines.

Design and User Experience


It’s essential to recognize that the size of the development team can impact both project costs and the timeline.

Development Team Size


Additionally, the geographical location of the development team can potentially affect project costs.

Geographic Location of the Development Team


Ajio’s triumph can be attributed to a multitude of factors, including its extensive product catalog, secure online payment options, hassle-free cash-on-delivery choices, dependable home delivery service, and customer-friendly return policy. For businesses looking to replicate this success, exploring the development of e-commerce apps akin to Ajio represents a strategic move to tap into new audiences and expand the brand’s influence, with collaboration from top app development companies. The estimated cost of developing an e-commerce app akin to AJIO can range from USD 15,000 to USD 45,000 for a basic set of features and functionalities.