The Top 5 Apps for Tracking Your Baby’s Development

Having a child forever alters your life.  And, while parents must struggle with sleepless nights, several diaper changes, and a myriad of other changes, nothing beats experiencing their child's development from their first word to their first few steps.



BabySparks promotes your child's early development by designing a customised curriculum centered on meaningful play. 


The Wonder Weeks

This multi-award-winning software is based on a Dutch book that draws on years of baby development research and observation.



Kinedu assists parents in supporting their baby's growth by offering age-appropriate activities from pregnancy through the child's fourth birthday.



Playfully helps parents to play with their children by giving many activity ideas that they may conduct in the comfort of their own homes, fueled by the notion that children learn best through play.


Sprout Baby

If you currently use various applications to track items other than your baby's development, such as feeding patterns, diaper changes, and growth, you should think about converting to a single app that tracks everything.

Knowing what is going on at each stage of your child's development allows you to support and even improve it.  These applications will not only help you track your time more easily, but they will also enable you to help and care for your child more effectively.