AI is revolutionizing note-taking apps, enhancing efficiency and organization. Generative chatbots like ChatGPT aid in summarizing, expanding on, and finding related notes. However, some apps perform better, requiring human fact-checking


Ideal for brainstorming, it offers an infinite canvas for creating sticky notes using ChatGPT AI prompts. It's free during its open beta.

Best for Brainstorming


Designed for team collaboration, Mem helps generate ideas and content using prompts and suggestions. It offers a free trial and paid tiers starting at $10 per month.

Best for Teams

Microsoft OneNote With Copilot

Integrated into Windows 11, Copilot assists with research by generating notes, creating itineraries, and providing productivity advice.

Best for Research


Incorporates AI tools for writing assistance, including text generation and automated actions. It offers a free version with limited uses and paid plans starting at $10 per person per month.

Best Overall Note-Taking App With AI

Personal AI

Lets you create a personalized AI model based on your data, with options for free and paid plans starting at $15 per month.

Best for Making Your Own LLM


Offers ChatGPT-4 integration for creating custom AI prompts. Ideal for repetitive tasks, Reflect costs $10 per month and includes a Daily Journal and Calendar view.

Best for Making AI Prompt Templates


Overall, AI is increasingly integrated into note-taking apps, operating systems, and productivity tools, revolutionizing how users organize and generate content. Stay updated on AI developments through their AI hub.