Top 10 best database for web applications to Use in 2024

You can think of a database as the office room where all the important documents and reports are kept.

1. The Oracle

The most popular commercial relational database management system is Oracle, which includes built-in assembly languages like Java, C, and C++.

2. MySQL

In the world of computers in 2022, MySQL is one of the most widely used databases, particularly for web application development. 

3. MS SQL Server

Microsoft provides great toolset support for one of this best database software, both on-premise and in the cloud.

4. PostgreSQL

POSTGRES was the initial name of the database. Michael was also honored with the Turing Award for his contributions to PostgreSQL.

5.  MongoDB

There are a few things to think about when choosing the most well-liked databases to use with a NoSQL database in 2022.

6. IBM DB2

IBM also offered DB2 LUW for Windows, Linux, and Unix. DB2 11.5 is the most recent release, and it speeds up query execution.

7. Redis

It is a popular open-source database project. According to Stack Overflow’s Annual Developer Survey, Redis is ranked as the Most Loved Database platform.

8. Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch is an open core full-text search engine based on Lucene that was first released in 2010 by Shay Banon.

9. Cassandra

It is an open core, distributed, wide column store and commonly used database for an application that was developed in 2008.

10. MariaDB

It is a Relational Database Management System which is compatible with MySQL Protocol and Clients.