Top 10 Popular AI Security Tools to Use in 2023

Cybersecurity is quickly becoming a crucial facet of risk and proactive management in order to safeguard data systems. Systems that lack readiness and alertness are more vulnerable to breaches. 

Zero-day assaults are combined with an AI-based detection system called User and Entity Behaviour Analytics (UEBA) in a security product called Crowdstrike Falcon.

1  Crowdstrike Falcon

StringSifter is a machine-learning application that assigns strings a value based on how crucial they are for the study of malware.

2 StringSifter

The Bio-inspired Hybrid Artificial Intelligence Framework for Cyber Security (BioHAIFCS) was developed by Konstantinos Demertzis and Lazaros Iliadi.


Cybersecurity vulnerabilities could be swiftly fixed using IBM's QRadar Advisor while keeping the company's bottom line.

4 IBM’s QRadar Advisor

The Broadcom Symantec enterprise-focused advanced threat prevention complete cyber security platform uses the TAA tool, a cloud-based AI technology.

5 Targeted Attack Analytics

Vectra's Cognito technology employs AI to swiftly identify and address cloud-based problems.

6 Vectra's Cognito

The Intercept X cybersecurity solution from Sophos employs a deep learning neural network to combat potential threats and cyberattacks, transforming endpoint protection from a reactive to a predictive manner.

7 Sophos’ Intercept X

TrendMicro's DefPloreX is a machine learning toolbox powered by AI for extensive cybercrime forensics.

8 TrendMicro’s DefPloreX

Intraxpexion, a piece of AI software, uses Deep Learning algorithms to recognise the danger and deliver early alerts when a hazard is found.

9 Intraxpexion

In the cybersecurity sector, Malwarebytes has become a well-known brand.

10  Malwarebytes