This story highlights the top 10 software development firms in New York City for 2024, known for their exceptional service quality, diverse expertise, and proven track records in delivering innovative solutions.

GMTA Software

GMTA Software Solutions is a reputable software development company that offers customized application development, system integration, product deployment, and consultancy services to over 500 clients worldwide since 2019.


– 300+ Projects – 4+ Years Experience – 94% Client Retention – Agile project methodology

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Vention, a New York-based company with over 20 years of experience, offers a range of software development services, including technical consultancy, mobile development, integration, QA, testing, security, compliance, and UI/UX.


– 21+ years of experience – Wide industry exposure – Awards from Google Cloud Partner

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Since 2005, Saritasa, a renowned New York custom software development company, has significantly improved its technological exposure and service offerings by employing hundreds of specialized professionals.


– 1700+ successful projects – Wide service portfolio – Prestigious client base – Featured in Forbes, Technativee, VentureBeat – Custom software development

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Coalesce, a 17-year-old software development firm in New York City, specializes in creating user-friendly digital products, ensuring user journeys, UI design, personas, UX research, roadmaps, and high-fidelity screens.


– 17+ years of experience – Award-winning products – Custom software development – Unique Designing

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Taurist Technologies

Tourist Technologies, a New York-based software development company, provides services like research, analysis, development, product design, UX design, and tech consulting, offering 24/7 tech support.


– trong client base – Varied range of services – Wide product portfolio – Vast technology stack

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Fingent, with 20 years of experience in software development, offers a wide range of services to clients like Mastercard, Sony, and PwC.


– Customized tailored solutions – Rapid time to market – Robust security and reliability – Seamless integration and scalability

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Surf, a Wilmington-based custom software development firm, aids global companies in digital transformation by creating apps and developing an ERP system for KFC.


– Ample experience in project development – 250+ Tech enthusiasts – 12+ years of industry experience – Board technology stack

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3Advance, a leading New York-based software development company, specializes in digital transformation, web development, e-commerce, and traditional software development, with over 13 years of experience in SaaS, Crypto, NFT, voice, and wearable technologies.


– Impressive project development portfolio – 13+ years of experience – Integrity at the center – Expertise in industry 4.0 technologies

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Riseapps, a New York-based software development firm, provides full-cycle end-to-end product development services to various sectors, utilizing diverse technologies to create tailored websites, mobile apps, and software.


– st-delivery payment – 30-day free trial period – 80+ products launched – Custom software development

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Orases, established in 2000, offers a wide range of software development services, including custom software, web-based applications, mobile apps, PWAs, APIs, and databases, with skilled developers and project managers.


– 950+ Projects – 23+ years of experience – Agile project methodology – 100+ active client accounts

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GMTA Software and other top firms lead New York's software development landscape, providing innovative solutions to meet diverse business needs in a competitive market.