Top 10 Food Delivery App Development Companies  in USA

There has been a notable surge in the market demand for food delivery applications in the past few years. Restaurant managers and owners are currently assisted by the best food delivery app development companies in the USA in creating their own food delivery applications. Let's take a look at the Top 10 Food Delivery App Development Companies in USA that can assist you in developing incredible food delivery apps in 2024.



GMTA Software specializes in food app development services in the USA. Our skills include UI/UX design, real-time order tracking, secure payment integration, menu management, and customer feedback features for optimal user experience.


Ideal for creating cutting-edge food delivery apps that support all platforms, types of food businesses, and feature sets. Average per hour rate: $50 - $99

3.Octal IT Solution

Best for providing a large selection of online meal delivery services. Average per hour rate  - $25 - $49 1,500+ mobile and web apps built


Ideal for developing mobile applications after thoroughly examining the characteristics of the product and its market.


Food business owners have been receiving services from iCoderz, an on-demand delivery app development company, for more than 12 years.

6.Arka Softwares

Arka Softwares is an award-winning platform and is very popular in countries like USA, UK, Australia, UAE, and India

7. App Inventive

App Inventive has a history of developing user-friendly applications for food delivery.


Simform specialises in developing applications that are easy to use for placing food orders. Their group of sharp people creates versatile and safe applications for your phone.

9.Mind  Inventory

One of the best companies producing cutting edge phone apps is MindInventory. They develop apps for Flutter, React Native, iOS, Android, and other platforms.

10.App Tunix

A well-known company that creates apps for food delivery is called App Tunix. They are adept at creating aesthetically pleasing and intuitive applications.

These top 10 food delivery app development companies in the USA excel in delivering innovative solutions that revolutionize the way people order and enjoy food. Their expertise ensures seamless experiences for both customers and businesses alike.