11 Best Free Photo Editing Apps for iOS and Android in 2024

Photo Editing Apps for iOS and Android in 2024 (1)

Practical and accessible photo editing tools are more crucial than ever with a growing demand for the perfect pictures for brands and influencers alike. The finest free picture editing apps are in high demand currently since many people use cell phones as their primary cameras. The proper application can make your photos seem great, whether you’re a professional or a hobbyist. This comprehensive list introduces 2024’s top free iOS and Android photo editing applications. These best free photo editing apps are perfect for anyone from a beginner to a specialist.

Best Free Photo Editing Apps for Android

Best Free Photo Editing Apps for Android


Snapseed is unique in the world of photo editing apps for Android because it has a simple interface and professional-level features. Google made this app famous for its very accurate editing tools. People can change their pictures using many different filters and effects. The unique brush for editing is essential, which lets you make small changes to certain parts of your photo. If you want to create a similar app consider a mobile app developer you hire with experience in designing photo editing apps for Android. 

Adobe Lightroom Mobile

Adobe Lightroom Mobile brings the power of its desktop version to Android phones. Many people like this app at work because it has excellent tools for editing photos and can connect to the cloud. Using many tools, people can make detailed changes, like adjusting the tone curve and colour grading. It helps with RAW files, giving more power to decide how good the final picture looks. Lightroom Mobile has preset filters for fast changes and can save custom ones. This makes it very useful for people who want to edit photos on their phone while the settings match what they use at home with a real computer.

PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt Photo Studio is a flexible app that mixes regular photo editing with fun things you can do. It gives you many tools. These include simple changes like crop and turn and creative things such as drawing tools or making a collage. It also has lots of beautiful filters for artwork. The app is for many people. Some want to fix their pictures fast, while others like more creative and fancy photo-changing things. 

Best Free Photo Editing Apps for iPhone

Best Free Photo Editing Apps for iPhone


Famous for its pretty filters and settings, VSCO lets iPhone owners make their photos look professional and creative. The app’s power comes from its simple design, which makes it easy to use and offers many advanced editing features. People can change brightness, the difference between light and dark parts, the warmth of colours, etc. VSCO is among the best free photo editing apps for mac that also works as a place to chat. It lets photographers show their work and find ideas from people around the world who are creative.


Afterlight is an excellent choice for people who like to take pictures on their iPhones. It’s easy to use but also has good tools for editing photos. The app’s look is simple, making it easy to use without losing any editing features. It has many editing tools, including simple changes, patterns, and filters. People can also use fancy tools like picking a colour, bends, and slopes. Afterlight’s simple design and robust editing tools make it suitable for fast changes or more significant jobs. This makes many people like it, from those who take pictures to serious photographers.

Prisma Photo Editor

The Prisma Photo Editor changes simple iPhone pictures into unique works of art. It uses smart AI to put on art styles, copying the methods of famous painters. This app is different because it does more than just the usual tools for editing pictures. People can pick from many art styles and turn their photographs into paintings or drawings. The way it works is easy but also good, making Prisma a fun tool for people who want to give their pictures an art look. This best free photo editing software for beginners is optimal for those who like trying new things with their photographs and mixing photography and art.

Top Free Photo Editing Apps for iOS and Android Devices

Top Free Photo Editing Apps for iOS and Android Devices


Pixlr is a robust iOS and Android photo editor developed by some of the best Mobile App Development Company in the USA. It is famous for its use and versatility. It helps new users and experienced editors with its easy-to-use approach, offering a wide range of tools. People can use effects, layers, and filters to improve their pictures. The app also has essential tools such as cutting, changing size, and adjusting colour. Pixlr is notable for its easy-to-use design, making it an excellent choice for newbies who want to try photo editing without feeling too confused.


Primarily known as a tool for creating pictures, Canva also has incredible features to fix photos. It’s the second most popular photo editing app in the US. This makes it an excellent choice for iPhones, Android and PC users! It’s beneficial in making pictures for social media, blog images, and marketing stuff. This best free photo editor software for Windows 10 lets users pick from many templates and design parts. It also has simple photo-changing tools such as cutting, filters, and putting text on it. Canva is perfect for people who want to make attractive content fast and simply, combining picture editing with design work.

Fotor Photo Editor

Fotor is a one-stop solution that helps with simple and complex editing tasks on iPhones and other Android gadgets. It’s famous for its top-notch tools that let you improve colour, add effects, and take pictures with multiple images. One of its essential parts is the ‘HDR’ thing, which enhances colours and depth in paintings. It gives a level of improvement usually seen with professional photos. Fotor is suitable for people who want to improve their photo editing skills. It has many tools that go past simple adjustments.


GIMP is known for being a complete and accessible option to expensive editing software. It can be used on different devices, such as iOS or Android phones. It has tools like professional software and layers for organizing content and changing colours. Being the best free photo editing software for pc, it also offers different brushes. Its ability to deal with complex editing jobs makes it the first choice for people needing smartphone-level changes as well as using a computer. GIMP is liked by those who like desktop editing but want the freedom of mobile editing.


Darktable is a photo editing app and a robust tool for managing photos. It helps in the short distance between editing and arranging pictures. You can get this on iOS and Android. It’s praised because it lets users edit without losing anything, meaning all changes can be undone, and the original pictures stay as they are. This free software has features like processing RAW files, fixing colour issues, and changing brightness levels. It’s a good choice for photo-takers who want one tool to select and sort their pics. It usually has control as professional software does.

Considerations for Mobile App Development in Photo Editing

App Development in Photo Editing

As more people want good photo editing apps, the role of the developer is essential. Making these apps need both skills and expertise. The best on-demand app development company like GMTA Online Solutions is increasingly paying attention to making user interfaces easy and more tailored to the young generation of editors and influencers. 

For companies wanting to get involved in this market, teaming up with the best Mobile app development companies to understand how the photo editing app ecosystem works and ways in which you can bring your ideas to life. These businesses have the skills needed to develop an iOS application unique in a challenging market. This means ensuring the app works well on different devices, is easy for users to use, and includes up-to-date photo editing tools.


If you’re a pro-photo person or just like to save memories with your phone, these top free photo editing apps have something for everyone. They mix robust features with simple use, making them the best tools for improving your pictures. 

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