Social Media App and Web
Blipearth is a social media application designed to show what’s trending close by via videos, pictures, and live streams. On the app, users can find out what people are enjoying through multiple ways:

Map of the surrounding area. List of trending hashtags. Creators that you follow. Blipearth is the new and fun way to engage with your surrounding area and see what’s hot!

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Easy Claims


Insurance & Claim Management Solution
This app aims to create a fuss free claims tracking system for your insurance policies, providing a platform that allows you to do the following in real time.

Monitor your different insurance claims from different consultations with doctors. Know your claims validity for all your policies for each treatment. Efficient claims questions answered promptly. Search for different doctors and their sub-specialities. Make appointments with medical specialists.

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Premium Limousines Booking System - Like Blacklane
Platform connecting passengers with limousine providers for their premium transfers.

A customized development approach with faster geo searching algorithms and technologies helped Li-nk app to offer enhanced premium ride experience for airport transfers and charter services. ​​Application allows multi currency with multi lingual support to serve global passengers.

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Tokyo MK

Luxury Limo & Airport Transfers Solution
Tokyo MK is a customized developed platform for customers, drivers and staff/ operators.

The solution consists of Web application and Mobile apps for Customers to book their Limousine transfer in Tokyo Japan, containing multi-lingual, multi currency, live tracking, flight status and all standard features for their luxury transportation needs. For Drivers, it offers Mobile apps, Tablet app and Web version to execute their jobs along with easy details, flight trackings, Bluetooth taximeter integrations using BLE and much more. For Staff, it comes with a Web version to manage bookings, planning, assignments to driver, monitoring of jobs and invoicing to all email features.

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Gro Supermart

E-commerce App & Inventory Management
Gro Supermart is an eCommerce platform providing users a facility to purchase their daily grocery items from nearby stores of their locality.

The project aims to provide different variants of each product, fast and real time delivery and tracking, along with providing all the statistics to the owners from inventory management to barcode scanning for warehousing.

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Restaurant - Pickup and Delivery Solution
This application swiftly gives your taste buds what they want.

With a few clicks, select your chosen Zaxby's location to pick up or have your order delivered. When you place a purchase, you will receive points that may be redeemed for one-of-a-kind presents. Each dollar spent earns you 10 points in your Flavor Bank. In no time, you'll be well on your way to delectable goodies!

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Quiz Application
With our quiz app, you can take quizzes and submit answers from any device. If you need a place to distribute quizzes for your school, company party, or buddy group, start with our Quiz App.

It includes quizzes that you can take on any device and share with others. Using our drag-and-drop builder, you may create and upload your own quizzes. All responses will be instantly connected to your safe and conveniently accessible account for quick and simple grading. This Quiz App may be customized with only a few clicks. Simply drag and drop to build and add quizzes, upload tables to analyze results, insert links and documents, create new pages and buttons, upload images and videos, and much more. When your app is finished, save it to your selected device and share it with others using the app link or email invites. Take your online quizzes to the next level with a fully customizable and engaging Quiz App that works anywhere.

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exclusive Gifts

Exclusive Gifts

E-commerce App & Inventory Management
Exclusive Gifts provides a completely hassle-free service with complimentary delivery. You cannot only sell products, you can also personalize it for you or for someone special or for special occasions or as a corporate gift.

You can also pack your items in an exclusive gift box. Guess what? You can also personalize the box and leave someone special a note too. On the website you can create your own gift box and choose from our broad range of available products. Can’t find your product anywhere? You can select a sourcing service to find your desired product(s) and deliver it to you. Also, this multipurpose website is created to integrate different aspects of eCommerce within the site: ready-made HomePage layout, different variations of the Product and Category Pages, and Quick View. This website can fit any kind of project for sure.

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The Dubai Balloon

The Dubai Balloon

Cloud Ticketing and Reservation System for Balloon Rides
Boost your hot air balloon rides with The Dubai Balloon, the premier online booking app for balloon flight business operations.

Our platform ensures seamless balloon flight online reservations, so you can dedicate more time to creating memorable hot air balloon experiences. Our balloon rides booking app enhances flight and activity industries with direct online flight reservations, attendee management, and distribution across various channels for balloon rides operators.

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The Dubai Balloon


Music Streaming Radio App
Publicmusic provides radio to all groups at no cost. Several thousand songs are available on Publicmusic without any copyright restrictions for any groups.

This website was designed to be responsive and specifically intended for musicians, singers, producers, and bands to display their albums, tracks, and videos and engage with their audience. created with the newest technologies for websites. Publicmusic offers responsive layouts designed specifically for websites linked to the music industry, making them appear fantastic on all devices. It offers features that are specific to music contents and a number of ready-to-use layouts that can be imported with just a single click for various types of musicians, singers, producers, and bands. Playlists from Spotify, Soundcloud, and other music services may be effortlessly embedded into this website as it is compatible with several music platforms.

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EV Charging Points

EV Charging Stations Finder App
Charge Your EV as soon as possible. An innovative, smart EV network app that locates nearby EV charging stations as you go.

Our app is an EV charging station discovery tool that allows users to give information about their EVs, such as the charging port and required input power parameters, in order for our app to locate the best-fitting EV charging stations along the route, making the long drive a breeze. An innovative, smart network app that locates nearby EV charging stations along the way. What is the purpose of this application? To improve the overall EV customer experience by giving data about nearby compatible charging stations; Use this app as a differentiation to attract more people to buy purely electric vehicles. Gather EV usage data and analytics, such as EV usage patterns, charging habits, car average, and so on.

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WeLink Home

Smart Home Automation Solution
You may use our app to control a variety of home systems and equipment, including security alarms, air conditioners, music systems, fans, lights, CCTV, and much more.

To give it a more customized feel, you may control it all by various means, such as screen buttons or voice commands. The Era of Modern Home Security Has Arrived! From using the app to lock your door to keeping an eye on things via CCTV. Use this smart app on several devices belonging to other family members to keep the safety and accessibility of other devices in your home at the tip of your fingers. This will undoubtedly result in a pleasant and convenient experience.

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Hall Booth Smith

Legal Advisory Website
Our legal services website for lawyers and law firms get you many great features and functions that save additional time. Top bar, social icons, sticky navigation, drop-down menu and back-to-top button are only a few of Hall Booth Smith’s amenities.

If you would like to expand your reach and give back to the community, you can also start a blog. Popularize your legal services with the help of this legal website. Moreover, while you can work with this legal website out of the box, you can tailor it to your needs and regulations, too.

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Catalyst Marketing Company

Marketing Agency Website
Our marketing firm's website looks great in the dark. It's conspicuous, eye-catching, and brilliant. This is an excellent template for internet businesses, freelancers, and creative organizations.

This website employs a boxed design with innovative hover effects, adjustable content spaces, modern fonts, a portfolio, product display, case study section, and client area. A multi-layered, intricate design holds everything together. Key characteristics include a dark style that performs really well, dramatic contrast colors for added emphasis, a large number of significant content places with hover effects, being remembered for all the right reasons, and being entirely compatible with top page builders.

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Beauty App Using AI
This app is a one-stop shop for retouching selfies. AI powers a one-tap beauty cosmetics editor to beautifully face tune selfies.

With this app, you can edit photos like an expert and take stunning selfies. Excellent picture editing tools like neon spirals and the drip effect will push your photo creativity to new heights! Fantastic photo editor and beauty face editor with a beauty camera for auto retouching or selfie capture with amusing selfie camera filters. Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Tik Tok, VK, Tumblr, Flickr, Twitter, and Pinterest are all great places to share your ideal selfies!

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Easy Claims

Manage MyWork

Task and Work Management Solution
This Project Management App helps you plan and execute project work on schedule by including Milestone, Bug Tracking, Tasks, Documents, Timesheet, and Pages features.

The task manager function allows you to divide large amounts of work into smaller jobs. This task management tool shows the status of completed and undone tasks. Using these Project Management Tools, one may simply keep track of the actions, milestones, and missed objectives of various team members. The Bug Tracking tool displays all defects and issues, as well as their current state (addressed or unaddressed), who worked on them, and other information. The Timesheet tool displays the amount of time spent on each job as well as the current state.

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Easy Claims


Music Streaming Radio App
We present the Music World application, which has been developed in such a manner that you may listen to your music world app radio am and fm live for free from anywhere on the planet.

This Music World application allows you to listen to and download thousands of songs for free. Unusual music may be found on your smartphone or tablet for free, and you can download it to listen to it offline wherever you are. Be the first to learn about vintage music. Discover notable performers and stay up to date on worldwide music trends!

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Find Me Home

AI Driven - Realestate App
This app is a geomonitoring-based property intelligence tool and data source driven by RICS-accredited specialists, providing unparalleled transparency and accuracy to local property markets.

Property Monitor provides market participants with direct access to real-time, transparent, and accurate intelligence that is unrivaled in the region. The program provides authoritative data, analytics, and insights that closely correspond with market movements, allowing investors, property specialists, and banking professionals to make confident and educated property-related decisions.

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Complete Logistics Solution
Shipping has never been easier!! Our app's color palette draws users' attention, making it easy for them to track their shipments and communicate with shippers through phone or texting. WARNING: BEWARE!! Our adaptive design shines not just on the mobile app, but also on the dashboard, giving administrators a complete picture of current and outstanding orders, as well as visually attractive sales and income information.

Now for the KICKER: Its comprehensive features even compare income for the specified time period. Are you taken by the design? Think about getting one for your logistics or transportation firm.

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Clean Fresh Laundry

Laundy Service App
Consider this: In this digital era, how can someone in a new community easily find washing services to care for their clothes? By simply utilizing an app to speed up the process.

It makes life easier for customers. Its distinguishing characteristics include the opportunity to effortlessly browse nearby washing shops and make an informed choice based on their evaluations and ratings. The ease of speedy delivery and pickup options. Choose from a variety of services such as laundry, dry cleaning, and ironing. Use the phone and message option to quickly contact the owner of the washing machine shop. Among other things, secure payment option!!

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Church Finder

Location Finder App
Our user-centric approach provides a simple search option, allowing you to quickly find your place of worship and acquire all necessary information.

Experience a completely immersive journey into the heart of each church, complete with ratings, exact directions, beautiful photographs, and a comprehensive description. Keep track of upcoming events with an easy-to-use UI designed for event alerts.

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