With our quiz app, you can take quizzes and submit answers from any device. If you need a place to distribute quizzes for your school, company party, or buddy group, start with our Quiz App.

The complete platform consists of a mobile application (iPhone), along with a Web admin panel having different levels of dynamic features, that can be controlled by the admin manager.


It includes quizzes that you can take on any device and share with others. Using our drag-and-drop builder, you may create and upload your own quizzes. All responses will be instantly connected to your safe and conveniently accessible account for quick and simple grading.


Customer Application

The mobile application is developed for the iPhone platform.

  • Attractive User experience to play a game.
  • Selection of player with map, suggestions and current location.
  • Fast and secure API sessions with JWT Token.
  • Real time game playing along with scheduled playing.
  • Live player and game tracking.
  • Node and socket based real time chat support with the player.

Admin Panel

The Laravel based web admin is a secure admin panel that ensures only the authorized person can manage the different kinds of features like enabling the different services in different cities.

  • Node based real time player distribution.
  • Manage the data in MongoDB to deal with large data.
  • Map of the active players in the city.
  • List of active players with their current locations.
  • Manage the active players, system and numbers.
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Technologies Used

The technologies that has been used in building these platforms are given below:


This Quiz App may be customized with only a few clicks. Simply drag and drop to build and add quizzes, upload tables to analyze results, insert links and documents, create new pages and buttons, upload images and videos, and much more. When your app is finished, save it to your selected device and share it with others using the app link or email invites. Take your online quizzes to the next level with a fully customizable and engaging Quiz App that works anywhere.

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GMTA Software Development process

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