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Team GMTA Software works for the overall development of your business with an intact, reliable and intuitive React Native Application that brings a life to your apps.

Cross-Platform / Hybrid Development

Our React Native app developers, skilled in building cross platform apps, ensure seamless functionality. Also they make sure native like performance across Android and iOS devices, reducing the time and cost of the development.

React Native Enterprise Apps

We, being an expert of React Native apps development, develop robust enterprise apps using React Native salable, reliable and secured solutions tailored to meet the complex business needs and enhance operational functionality.

Native App Development

With the help of React Native, GMTA Software can create mobile applications with exceptional performance and native feel. They do this by utilizing shared codebases to create an efficient user experience.

App Re-engineering & Migration

Using current capabilities to improve functionality and minimize interruption, our team has experience re-engineering and moving legacy projects to React Native. We offer the unmatchable cross platform apps to stand your business unique.

Server-Side API Development

With a focus on dependable back-end support, smooth data synchronization, and strong communication between mobile apps and servers, we specialize in the development and integration of server-side applications.

App Maintenance Experts

We are committed to continual app maintenance, making sure our programs are safe, up to current, and free of bugs. We also offer constant support, performance advancements, and frequent feature updates.

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Work with the best mobile app developers in Atlanta. A Team with a strategy aligned with your ideas to give them a clear picture of reality with your true satisfaction.

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Why Choose React Native For Building Mobile Applications?

GMTA Software has been serving the end number of industries for more than decade for their IT needs. To name a Few, custom mobile apps development, Web Apps Development and more. Choose GMTA for your business’s essentials and let it be globally recognized.

Our IoT Developers Framework & Technology Expertise

Our IoT developers at GMTA are proficient in a variety of frameworks and technologies, which allows us to provide dependable and expandable IoT solutions.

Cross-Platform Development

Crafting custom mobile apps for over 35 industries

Customized mobile solutions that are made to fit a variety of industry needs, guaranteeing a smooth integration, top performance, and maximum effect on your business objectives.

How We Ensure Code Quality

Code quality is the pillar of the success of your React Native applications. We ensure that every code is bug free and error less. Our experienced React Native developers make a detailed review with robust industry best practices and testing.

Code quality matrix

Code review practice

Unit testing

Why Hire React Native App Developers From GMTA?

Hire GMTA's React Native app developers for knowledgeable, affordable solutions. Our group guarantees effective development that is customized to your requirements, together with continuous assistance and a successful track record.

  • Timely product delivery
  • Hassle free work and delivery
  • Usage of latest tech stacks
  • Transparency in SDLC
  • Cost-effective services
  • Custom app solutions
  • Proven track record
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Work with the best mobile app developers in Atlanta. A Team with a strategy aligned with your ideas to give them a clear picture of reality with your true satisfaction.

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Hire Developers from GMTA?

For your React Native projects, choose GMTA developers. Our company has a track record of successful app development and offers specialized, effective, and reasonably priced solutions. We also provide continuous support.




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User Guide To Hire React Native Developers

What is React Native?

Facebook developed the open-source React Native technology for mobile applications. It facilitates the creation of native iOS and Android apps using a single codebase by developers.Its goal is to enable developers to produce cross-platform mobile apps that are nearly identical to those made with native technologies like Objective C or Swift.

React Native makes it possible to reuse code between the two primary mobile platforms, which improves user experiences, reduces bugs, and speeds up development cycles. Because of this, it's ideal for rapidly developing sophisticated apps without compromising on functionality or quality.

A large number of UI components included in the React Native framework also let developers design a variety of interfaces quickly and uniformly for both iOS and Android smartphones.

When it comes to developers, it is far more advantageous than frameworks like Ionic or Cordova. To begin with, compared to these rival solutions, its codebase is far simpler because it provides proprietary libraries that significantly save development time.

Apart from this, React Native has several useful features like Hot Reloading, which lets you make changes on the fly without having to recompile your entire app every time something needs to be changed. This helps save time during development! Furthermore, it offers full support for third-party libraries like Event bus, Lottie, and Google Maps.

Is React Native front-end or back-end?

React Native is a powerful front-end framework for building mobile applications. Facebook developed it and this based on a JavaScript library that enables the developers to curate natively rendered mobile apps for various platforms such as Android, iOS and that too with a single codebase. This approach significantly reduces development time and effort, as the same code can be reused across different platforms, ensuring consistency and efficiency.

One of the best features of this framework is to deliver the complete native user experience at its best. To make the app communication smooth and interactive, even with the JavaScript base, React Native makes it intuitive and merges with native components easily. Many developers and businesses use React Native for their app building because of its performance and efficiency combination.

Moreover, React Native has a hot-reloading capability that lets developers see their changes almost immediately without having to start from scratch with the app. This fastens the development process and facilitates the early detection and prompt resolution of problems.

This framework has a thriving community and robust ecosystem of libraries and tools for which developers can have access to ample information and support. React Native framework offers the resources and adaptability required to produce scalable, high-quality mobile applications, despite the complexity of the enterprise solution or personal application being developed.

Is React Native suitable for creating mobile apps?

Indeed! React Native is highly suitable for creating mobile applications. It offers several advantages that make it a preferred choice for developers and businesses alike:

React Native offers a complete mobile app development solution, especially when it comes to cross-platform interoperability. It works on single base code by writing code only once and having it work seamlessly on both the iOS and Android platforms. This saves the developers a ton of time and money. By streamlining the development process, this method lets the teams manage disparate codebases for several operating systems to concentrate on producing high-quality apps.

Likewise, with the use native components, React Native guarantees native-level speed. This ensures the performance of apps built using React Native and native technologies is comparable, or in other words you can use these apps and many platforms without being specific to one. Not only this, but also the framework's hot-reloading capability helps developers to work more aptly as they can see the changes made as soon as they occur. This shortens the time-to-market for mobile applications by increasing productivity and quickening the iteration cycle.

Apart from its technical benefits, React Native has a robust community and wide ecosystem. This gives developers access to a multitude of resources, including support networks, libraries, and tools. React Native also provides affordable development solutions by enabling cross-platform code reuse, which lowers development expenses and effort. Because of its scalability, apps may expand to meet business needs and still provide a native-like user experience for maximum efficiency and user happiness.

React Native is a great option for creating scalable, effective, and high-quality mobile applications because of these advantages. Even people across the world are hiring remote React Native app developers for their projects.

Can React Native be used for both Android and iOS development?

As earlier mentioned React Native is a very flexible framework for it can be used for both iOS and Android app development. With just a single code writing, React Native performs tremendously on both platforms iOS and Android, that not only saves a lot of cost but also offers less pain in production. Seriously, this is a boon when any business can save time, efforts, and money without negotiating for the quality. This cross-platform functionality guarantees uniformity in the user experience across many devices and expedites the development process.

Apps created using React Native can have performance and appearance comparable to native apps because React Native accomplishes this by utilizing native components. The framework's support for hot-reloading, which enables programmers to observe changes instantaneously, speeds up the development cycle even more.

React Native framework makes the development process amusing, hassle free and cost effective with this, enterprises can hire a React Native freelancer(s) without worrying about much work or labor of a big team. Only an efficient head can make it feasible.

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Work with the best mobile app developers in Atlanta. A Team with a strategy aligned with your ideas to give them a clear picture of reality with your true satisfaction.

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Ans: Hiring GMTA Software for your React Native Application would turn out to be a wise decision. Our React Native App Developers understand the need of the hour and work towards it having years of experience. If you are looking for React Native app developers in the USA , go nowhere but to GMTA. We promise to help you get the best of the IT market.

Ans: The cost of a React Native app development matters when it takes iterations, time and effort. We appreciate the cost-effectiveness so that any business can go for it. Our team of developers is highly experienced and skilled at creating React Native apps, that too falls under a decent costing of hiring this skill set. However, our React Native app developers build the apps that are scalable, intuitive and platform friendly under your budget. To know more about the costing and plans, we can discuss it.

Ans: Yes, we can help you assist your current product with React Native to enhance your app’s performance with a promise of leveraging the framework performance and smooth transition of your app.

Ans: Indeed! We offer comprehensive support and maintenance after your React Native app delivery or post product completion. This process helps us gauge the performance of your React Native app, ensuring that the app is updated, secured and smooth for long time success.

Ans: There are many benefits of hiring your own React Native developer(s). The very first advantage of hiring a React Native developer is clear and concise communication. Other than this you can keep an eye on processes which makes the app development process smooth, flexible and responsive for accountability throughout the SDLC. You can Hire the best React Native at GMTA Software.

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