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GMTA is one of the most prominent car rental app development companies in the global marketplace. Today’s scenario shows that people are travel-friendly and often choose cars over any bike for their long travel journeys. Understanding their needs, your car rental app must meet the user mandates.

We offer robust on-demand car rental solutions for this very user-oriented app. Our custom, tailor-made car rental apps are specially designed for the end-users, when they book their car using this car rental app, they must feel the revolutionary and positive change in the app’s interface and navigation.

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On-Demand Car Rental App To Blow The Market With An Impact

With time and each passing year, people are more comfortable renting out a vehicle for their other state or city journey. They are adapting to the changes and considering that their vehicle may suffer in the new place so renting out a vehicle from a prestigious company or application would make their work and journey easier.

From here the idea of a Car Rental App Development service comes out. The people, who are car lovers or have a fleet of cars can think of renting out their vehicle.

Hence, plenty of people either do not wish to travel by their vehicle or do not have a vehicle. This report shows how often car rental apps are downloaded and are quite popular in the US market.

On-Demand Car Rental App

Prerequisite Features Of Our Car Rental Apps

GMTA Software is the best Car Rental App Development company, amongst others in the current global market place and we prove it with our extra-ordinary features. Our car rental app has expedient features that are rich to market and benevolent for business owners. Let us explore some of the most noteworthy features of our Car Rental App Development services.

User Panel Features



The car rental app provides a user-friendly login or sign-up process, allowing users to access the application with their phone number or email ID.


Geo search

Users can find nearby rental cars to their location with the help of this Geo Search feature. This makes their decision to book more relaxing.


Vehicle Search

Before starting the journey, users can track the driver's location to their desired vehicle drop location. The feature helps users to pin their location to help the driver.


Multiple Payment Option

This feature allows the users to pay via various ways to pay i.e., UPI, or Cards. This feature makes both admin and user payment hassle easy and transparent.


Rebooking/ Canceling

The feature allows users to quickly correct wrong route bookings or errors, book or cancel rental vehicles, and reset their desired vehicle, amount, or location.


In-App Chat Support

Users can reach customer support for any prior information on their journey. To ensure smooth connectivity with the service provider, this feature is a must-have.


App Rating

Rating for the vehicle, app interaction, service provider support, and cost-effectiveness. A user will have access to rate your app for making their journey easy.


Service Provider Panel Features

Notification management


Car service providers can easily connect to your app and start offering car rental services, with easy login using a phone or email ID.

Booking management

Manage Bookings

Car rental service providers can either accept or reject the bookings or requests based on the availability and amount offered.

Rating and reviews management

Real-time Vehicle Tracking

Car owners can track their vehicles in real time with this feature. To ensure the user and vehicle safety the owners can assist the drivers for the friendly routes even.

In-app purchase management

Listing of Cars

Car rental service providers can list down the number of cars with them in this app, posting the right pictures, conditions, and availability. This helps users to choose the desired vehicle and avoid later disputes.

Offers and rewards management

Vehicle Toggling

Car owners can switch the vehicles on the given lists as per their condition, and availability. The feature works smartly and makes this process smooth.

service provider

Admin Panel Features

Simple and easy registration/login


Our car rental app development services ensure that you get higher-end access to your car rental app. This dashboard will have the complete app’s interface and quick view for you.

Service accept or denial access

Manage Service Providers

With the help of this robust feature you can now manage, access, or remove the service provider as per the need of the business.

Booking slots management

User Management

The admin can now simply access and manage the user information directly and ask for the users’ feedback via bot chat in their inboxes.

accepting/canceling or rescheduling the bookings

Content Management

You, being an admin, can now access the app for any sort of content modification including, offers, new updates, or removing old and useless content.

Alert & notifications

Subscription plans

Admin can change or redecide the pricing plans, or put the app’s subscription on a monthly, yearly, or weekly basis to make it cost-effective for regular users.

Service availability status

Tracking Of the Payment

With admin access, you can track and access the complete payment methods, change them, or update them. You can track the whole month’s revenue or even can take out a yearly report.

dmin Panel Features

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How Do You Calculate Your Car Rental App Development Services Cost?

We offer what we promise. GMTA Software is a leading Car Rental App Development company that makes your Car Rental App Development services experience smooth and mellow. This comes to your expectations from high-quality product delivery to excellent customer support with a budget-friendly car rental app. What you get in our on-demand app development services, is listed below:



The choice of platform that will be used in your car rental app development is completely your matter. However, we can suggest to you what is best and cheapest for your application. The selection of any platform will also determine the success of your car rental app.


App Features

The more features are again a choice of yours. Every feature has its detailed work for our developers and the cost goes higher as per each feature. So initially our team suggests you want to keep at the first stage of the app development.


Tech stacks

As mentioned, we always rely on the latest tech stacks that bring life to your apps. With our Car Rental App Development services, we combine the prominent tech stacks so as not to leave you questionable at any point.



Your application's UI leaves the biggest impact on users. We provide UIs that are visually appealing, consistent, and fluid. UI is an application's lifeblood. This demonstrates how well our app developers capture the effort and commitment of the core team.

Speed Up Your Car Rental App Development Services With Us

Have you made up your mind about your first car rental app development? If yes, you have made the right decision. GMTA has been a widely known software company globally for its outstanding mobile app development services. We help you get the most reliable, scalable, and user-centric car rental app.

Your car rental app can be designed for the number of platforms you want to go for. We do car rental app development for iPhone users and we also do car rental app development for Android users, this creates endless opportunities for you to grow your car rental app globally.

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On-Demand Car Rental App

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