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Blipearth is a social media platform that is designed to show the user what is currently trending in a city that they are in or in an area that they are going to. By allowing users to see what is hot, they can then choose to go to an event or location.

The complete platform consists of 2 Mobile applications (Android, iPhone) and a customer Web application, along with a Web admin panel having different levels of dynamic features, that can be controlled by the admin manager.


Blipearth allows the user to search by mile/kilometer and see what is hot around their area. If the event is trending, it shows up on a map for the user to see, so he or she can decide whether to attend or like the event.


Admin Panel

The Laravel based web admin is a secure admin panel that ensures only the authorized person can manage the different kinds of features like enabling the different services in different cities.

  • Blipearth is the new and fun way!
  • To engage with your surrounding area and see what’s hot!

Customer Applications

The mobile applications are developed for the android and iPhone platform.

  • Map of the surrounding area!
  • List of trending hashtags!
  • Creators that you follow!
  • Blipearth is the new and fun way to engage with your surrounding area and see what’s hot!

Customer Web Application

The customer application is developed for the website platform.

  • User can see the map of the surrounding area.
  • User can see the list of trending hashtags.
  • User can see the creators that he/ she follow.
  • The application has options such as “follow” and “like,” which allow a user to discover new locations.
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Technologies Used

The technologies that has been used in building these platforms are given below:


Blipearth is a social media application designed to show what’s trending close by via videos, pictures, and live streams. On the app, users can find out what people are enjoying through multiple ways.

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