Top 10 Android App Development Companies In US 2024

Explore the top android app development companies in US

Are you searching for a top-notch android app development companies in US that can handle everything from start to finish when it comes to creating apps? Well, you’re in the right place! There are many companies out there, but it’s tough to find one that truly knows how to use technology and tools from the ground up to meet your business needs. We’ve gathered detailed information about android app development service providers, including some useful facts and features to consider when hiring the best android app development company in US. At GMTA Software, we’ve done thorough research to compile a list of the best android app developers in the USA. With this important information, you can choose the perfect company that offers fully customized android mobile app development services from beginning to end.

List of Best Android App Development Companies and Leading Mobile App Developers in USA 2024

1. GMTA Software

GMTA Software Solutions is among the top Android app development companies in US. They’re well-known for doing excellent work and making sure their clients are happy. GMTA has a lot of experience creating creative and flexible Android apps, and they’re a reliable choice for businesses that want great mobile solutions.

GMTA Software wants you to know how great their team is! They believe in being open and clear about how they work, and they can help you no matter where you are in the world. They make sure to finish their work on time and offer a complete range of services. If you need help, they’re available 24/7. They’re also happy to talk with you for free to understand your needs. And don’t worry, they take keeping your information private seriously. You can get in touch with them at their offices in the USA, Dubai, Singapore, and India.

Location: USA, Dubai, Singapore, Japan, and India

GMTA Software Solutions Services: Mobile App Development, Blockchain, Web Development, Web Design, Software Development, eCommerce Development, IT Services, Shopify, UI/UX Design.

Employees: Under 50

Minimal Budget: $8000 – $16000

Visit Website: GMTA Software Solutions

2. Intellectsoft

Intellectsoft is a small digital transformation consulting company based in Palo Alto, California. They offer a variety of IT services, including web development, user interface and experience design, and mobile app development. Their clients range from big-name brands to Fortune 500 companies, and they use the latest technology to create effective software solutions.

Their team is made up of experts in graphic design, user experience, and programming, allowing them to create practical and user-friendly apps. They have offices in the U.S., the U.K., the Nordic region, and Eastern Europe, giving them a wide range of resources and experiences to benefit your business.

Location: USA, UK, and India

Intellectsoft Services: Mobile App Development, Blockchain, Web and Software Development, Wearable App Development.

Employees: 50 – 100

Minimal Budget: $10000 – $30000

3. Apptension

Apptension is committed to delivering high-quality software solutions and has a team of skilled professionals, including developers, designers, and project managers. They may follow agile methodologies to ensure flexibility and efficiency in their development processes.

A wide range of projects, including android app development, e-commerce platforms, content management systems, mobile and web applications, and more, may be included in Apptension’s portfolio. They also prioritize user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design to create visually appealing and user-friendly digital products.

Location: Austin, Texas

Apptension Services: Mobile App Development, Blockchain, Web and Software Development, Web Design, Product Design.

Employees: 50 – 100

Minimal Budget: $10000 – $30000

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4. Designli

Designli is an innovative firm that develops customised software to support various industries. They’re all focused on developing original solutions to satisfy the particular requirements of every business. With a strong dedication to quality work, Designli uses its software development experience to create strong and user-friendly applications.

The cool thing about Designli is that they understand how important it is to have solutions that fit each business perfectly. They work closely with their clients to really understand what they need, so the software they create works perfectly with their goals and ways of doing things. Whether it’s making apps for phones, websites, or big solutions for companies, Designli focuses on making sure everything works well, is easy to use, and looks good, so people have a great experience using it.

Location: Parker, South Carolina

Designli Services: Android App Development, Web and Software Development, UI/UX Designing, Enterprise Resource Planning

Employees: Under 50

Minimal Budget: $10001 – $20000

5. B2C Info Solutions

B2C Info Solutions is a top-notch tech company that helps businesses create and improve digital products. They use their expertise in android app development, ios app development, design, advanced engineering, and cloud technology to make innovative websites and mobile apps, driving digital changes for companies.

They follow flexible methods to quickly develop important websites and mobile apps for businesses. With a dedicated team of over 100 tech experts, they have successfully completed more than 100 projects for both websites and mobile apps. Additionally, they’ve delivered 450 extensive business applications for over 450 clients worldwide, including in India, North America, Europe, Australia, the Middle East, and Africa.

6. Prismetric

Prismetric is a company that’s really good at making mobile apps. They’re certified and have a team of more than 80 skilled developers and designers in India, with offices in the USA and Brazil. They create awesome apps for iPhones, iPads, and Android devices, and they also offer other web services to help businesses from start to finish.

They provide Big Data Analytics services to help businesses stay ahead of the competition and increase revenue because they understand how important data is to businesses today. Keeping their clients satisfied is their top priority!

7. CXR.Agency

CXR.Agency is a creative and forward-thinking company that makes cool apps for all kinds of people and businesses. They’re really good at coming up with new and advanced solutions. CXR.Agency provides various services, such as creating personalized mobile apps for both iPhone and Android. They also focus on designing user-friendly interfaces and ensuring a positive user experience. The agency conducts thorough testing to ensure quality and offers ongoing support and maintenance for the apps they create. They likely follow the best methods in the industry and keep up with the latest technology trends to make sure their apps are not only working well but also take advantage of the newest features and capabilities.

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8. InnovationM

InnovationM is a well-known company in India that creates websites and mobile apps. They’ve been doing this for the past ten years and have helped many businesses by making custom apps, android apps, websites, software, and online stores. The team at InnovationM is skilled and knows a lot about developing software. They’ve made excellent projects for small and big companies. They’re experts in creating mobile apps for Android and iOS using modern technologies like cloud, blockchain, and big data. The apps and websites they make are full of features, innovative, easy to use, and help businesses run better and safer. The experienced developers at InnovationM take good care of projects and go beyond what clients expect. InnovationM focuses on providing special design and development services in technology, covering everything from creating products to custom apps for mobile, web, and server back-end.

9. WebClues Infotech

WebClues InfoTech is a company that does everything related to IT solutions. They’re experts at making great websites and apps for different types of businesses. The team is made up of smart and experienced people who know how to design beautiful and easy-to-use websites and mobile apps. Their goal is to help businesses get more customers.

They do two main things: Web Development and Mobile App Development. The team that works on websites is one of the best in the world. They’ve been making websites for a long time and have created hundreds for clients all over the world. The android mobile app development team is also really big and has a lot of experienced developers.

10. Trango Tech

Trango Tech is a tech-savvy business that offers the most advanced software solutions. Their goals are to support businesses in their rapid growth, technological adaptation, and future-focused problem-solving. They can meet the demands of large companies looking for cloud, android mobile app development, or next-generation services, as well as smaller businesses in need of AI/AR/VR solutions. They have over 200 skilled developers, each with approximately 10 years of experience in various industries.


Selecting the best Android app development company is essential to your mobile application’s success. The companies mentioned above have proven their expertise through a track record of successful projects and satisfied clients. These top 10 Android app development companies in US can help you understand your vision, whether you’re a startup with a game-changing idea or an established business trying to improve your mobile presence.

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