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Though simple, web design may be unpleasant. A considerable amount of information, photos, and overall organization may be found on most sites. It takes a few hours to assemble something nice, even with the best gear. What if you could whip up a website in no time at all instead of spending hours learning how to code? So says the AI behind website builders. 

The basic premise is that AI website builders may simplify the entire process, from conceptualization to implementation, by utilizing AI to create and organize your material into the correct pages. Although the apps that manage to pull it off differ in intelligence and success, it is still a bold promise.

In my fifteen years of Generative ai development services, I’ve dabbled with everything from hard-coded HTML to WordPress and every site builder imaginable—even Drupal, on a sad occasion. The process of making a website live has evolved significantly during that time. Once requiring an entire weekend, today’s top theme-based site-building tools make launching a high-quality website in hours possible.

Therefore, I was rather interested in observing the results of the AI website builders. Based on extensive testing and tweaking, here are my top choices for artificial intelligence website builders.

What makes the best AI website builder?

The term “artificial intelligence” has dominated the marketing lexicon for the last several years, so it’s not surprising that a bewildering array of technologies has emerged, all claiming to employ AI in website development. Out of the fifty or so that I tried, there were few good tools. 

Unfortunately, making something that mimics AI website builders is relatively easy. Simply integrate OpenAI’s GPT API with an open-source or white-label website builder, and you’re good to go. With just a prompt-accepting front end, you may instruct GPT to fill out a blank, editable website template with text generated by artificial intelligence. The website it lets anyone make in a matter of minutes will be of low quality, but it will appear fantastic in demo videos and sound great in advertising. 

What makes the best AI website builder

This is the most essential part of the problem. An AI website builder should not just be a tech demo that fills the same template with dull AI-generated content; it should be a fantastic website builder that happens to incorporate AI. 

AI website builders mainly function in two manners. “Create a website for Harry Guinness, an Irish landscape photographer specializing in sunrise seascapes.” was one of the types of prompts some of the applications gave me. In contrast, others required me to include personal information and the purpose of my site. Whether it was a form or a prompt, I was glad to claim it had AI power, provided my input improved the final output. If they copied and pasted my words into their generic theme, I would have been content to dismiss my suggestions as an AI website builder’s clumsy attempt to cash in on the current AI boom.

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In addition to wanting to experience life as an artificial intelligence, I was on the hunt for website builders that met specific criteria:

Assist you in creating a visually appealing website: Websites no longer have to appear like they were made in 2005 using Dreamweaver because theme-based website builders have set a very high standard. Some AI website builders I looked at could have done better at this need; they could have taken a written suggestion and produced something terrible.

• Simplify the process of achieving your goals: It is not hard to choose a WordPress theme. Apps that require a lot of manual editing in a subpar site builder or a lot of time spent generating prompts to provide decent, relevant results, regardless of how much AI they contain, did not cut.

Create one-of-a-kind websites: Having AI website builders accept a prompt and then insert that data into a single generic theme is the most cynical method to design one. Altering the prompt does not affect the site’s structure; it alters the headers and, perhaps, the graphics. I found many similar programs, but I won’t link to them. Apps that let you create truly unique websites were considered for this roundup. Even though it’s an AI-generated website, it shouldn’t give out any hint of that fact.

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• As a whole, provide a satisfying experience: The fundamental idea of AI tools is to simplify things; if an app’s user interface is clumsy or its AI is awkward, there’s no use in utilizing it. In addition, you need reliable documentation if you encounter any difficulties.

Additionally, I need help finding a couple of things.

• Regular website builders that use AI to generate content. The websites in this list were created using AI-powered website builders. I wasn’t thinking about applications that had GPT built in to assist in copywriting, but some also employ AI to produce material.

Best AI Apps that use artificial intelligence for design. The number of apps that use AI to help designers create website mockups is increasing. However, these tools do not generate fully functional websites. This list was specific to artificial intelligence tools facilitating website creation and launch.

Transform your app development process with the best AI website builders

Do you actually need an AI website builder?

AI website builders are already very user-friendly, and there are a million different themes out there that will suit your needs. I am still determining if artificial intelligence is necessary to create an excellent website, and this list is currently undergoing its second update. Plus, the ability to construct a website in 30 seconds using only text is much more than a spammer’s tool or a party trick.

I wonder if most individuals could create a genuine website without making some personal adjustments. Therefore, using an AI website builder by Mobile App Development Company in Dallas that a reliable non-AI website builder supports would be wise. It’s an ideal combination of the two.

The best AI website builders at a glance

Best for Standout feature Pricing
Wix AI Most people A balance of AI and a mature website builder Free with Wix branding and domain; from $17/month
Hostinger AI writer, AI logo maker, AI website generator, AI image generator, and AI page generator One-of-a-kind website with relevant images and content are created automatically. Premium website builder plan costs $149 per month and business website builder plan costs $249 per month.
Neo content creator, drag-and-drop editor, email marketing tools, and social media handles Provides 1000+ templates, 36+ design elements, 700 global blocks, and 45 pop-ups that are easy to customize and deploy for premium design. Starting plan costs $499 per month, business plan provides extra features at $999 per month, and advanced plan ensures extensive online presence at $1499 per month.
Jimdo A free option Affordable upgrades Free with Jimdo branding and domain; from $11/month
Shopify AI text creator, personalized recommendations, and fraud protection Enables customizing images, text, and columns to tailor the Ecommerce store appearance It charges $20 per month, followed by a three-day free trial. Thereafter, four premium plans are available- basic, shopify, advanced, and plus with different set of functionalities.
B12 Text generator, image creator, and email marketing tools Additional tools such as online scheduling, documents, calendar sync, live chat, email marketing, and tailored invoice Basic plans costs $42 per month, professional plan costs $169 per month, and advanced plan rates goes up to $339 per month
Framer AI Experiencing the future of AI website builders Super fun prompt-to-website AI Free with Framer branding for hobby projects; from $10/month/site
CodeWP Complex WordPress sites The ability to create complex WordPress code without actually coding Free for 20 AI generations per month; from $28/month
TeleportHQ AI code editor With custom HTML and CSS code, any website section can be edited It’s free, but businesses need to pay $9 per month to use professional
GetResponse no-code editor, global design tool It allows businesses to select the theme or templates and customize them or choose another alternative Free

Top 10 AI Website Builders & Generators 2024

Given the abundance of free AI website builders on the market, it is crucial to have a compilation of the top AI website builders—the best artificial intelligence website generators reviewed.

1.Wix AI

Wix AI

According to a global survey, Wix AI is the top ai website design generator. Businesses may use the AI text creator for various tasks, including developing website content ideas and producing product descriptions. Unlike competing AI website builders, Wix AI takes the time to learn your brand’s ins and outs and your target audience’s demographics and other preferences to craft a custom website just for you.

The created website allows for modifications to the site’s profile, structure, description, theme, or layout, as well as regenerating the site to match the brand message. A website can be freely edited using the Wix editor. Additional personalization is made simpler with the availability of AI tools. With Wix AI, the navigation experience is straightforward, and the Wix marketplace gives businesses the ability to enhance their website functionality with premium access.

2. Hostinger


The famous AI WordPress builder uses various AI techniques to get excellent results. With our free domain name, 24/7 customer service, and no technical skills required, you can establish a website in just a few minutes. The first step in the website construction process is choosing a template from Hostinger’s library of 150 templates and making any required edits.

Organizations can modify an existing template or make their own from scratch using style and color palette selection, which aids in the construction of basic designs. After choosing a domain name, the website becomes live. AI can also accomplish everything for you by responding to a few questions. Unique websites that include all the necessary photos and materials are generated mechanically.

It also includes a generator for images, pages, logos, writers, and heat maps to facilitate all-inclusive website building. Attracting users and standing out from the competition is a breeze with targeted ad display, live chat, and website data analysis.

3. Neo


With Neo, Mobile app development services can build a website that tells your brand’s story with limitless hosting, a global content delivery network (CDN), and support for several languages—all while prioritizing simplicity. Website builders with over a thousand customizable templates, thirty-six design elements, seven hundred global blocks, and forty-five pop-ups are at your fingertips. Making websites and emails specifically for each user increases engagement.

Personalized emails that increase conversion can be better crafted with the help of AI-powered email marketing tools. Mobile responsiveness enhances brand visibility and customer outreach, and social media takes care of adding. Neo allows for post-launch website personalization, which reduces maintenance costs. A secure website has SSL certification and is hosted in the cloud.

4. Jimdo 


Using Jimdo, building a website from the ground up with limited customization is easy. It’s perfect for businesses, online shops, and portfolios. Once a user has created an account with Jimdo, they will be led to the website builder. Website Development  Companies can choose from various themes or customize one to suit their business’s needs. Your website’s color scheme, style, and layout can significantly improve with Jimdo’s insightful recommendations.

Businesses can improve their website’s SERP ranking by registering a domain name and using hosting and HTTPS encryption. Businesses can enhance their web presence with Jimdo by implementing Google Analytics and managing company listings. Businesses can tap into the wisdom of successful entrepreneurs through the Jimdo network when they need it most.

5. Shopify 

Many themes, apps, and integrations are available for Shopify, making it a famous website builder globally. By incorporating AI, Shopify’s AI website design generator provides businesses with intelligent insights about customer behavior and preferences, allowing them to boost sales and ROI. Custom domain names can be generated using programs such as company or domain name generators.

Access to stock pictures, an image resizer, a QR code generator, and search engine optimization tools are all part of the affordable On Demand Mobile App Development Services may use to create unique websites. You can modify the look of your online shop by adjusting the columns, photos, and text using the AI website builder. Aside from that, you get access to point-of-sale systems, better security, marketing tools, and assistance at all hours of the day and night.


With its website design, development, hosting, and marketing assistance, B12 is an ideal solution for the most straightforward AI website development for the Best iOS developer. You can make a website with text, photos, and other elements in a few minutes. Making newsletters and blog entries is a breeze using the content editor. Customers are more invested when accessing features like online scheduling, documents, calendar sync, live chat, email marketing, and personalized invoices.

In just a few minutes, you may have a fully functional website thanks to B12’s drag-and-drop website builder or the assistance of their professional copywriters and designers.

7. Framer AI

Framer AI

Businesses may use Framer AI to build new pages with advanced translations and frame website designs with text prompts. AI style aids in setting the brand tone, text rewriting facilitates content refinement, and AI translation provides multilingual experiences. The most excellent alternative for launching websites faster is the AI website builder, thanks to its expedited design process.

It is remarkable how Android developer can craft breathtaking designs skillfully combining expressive animation, parallax scrolling, typography, and interactive elements. Enhancing performance, optimizing for search engines, and integrating analytics enable organizations to cater to their unique requirements.


Even those without a coding background can now quickly build sophisticated WordPress websites. Making a website out of thin air after entering some answers is not an innate talent. Conversational coding, round-the-clock expert AI support, and debugging are all made possible by the AI website builder trained in WordPress and plugin code.

The ai website builder wordpress provides the necessary code when users request features. Voice commands are also being asked to customize the code. Code creation becomes more accurate as AI continues to learn. The code needs checking, though, so it’s perfect for techies who are always thinking of new ways to build logic. For newcomers, it says, it is not worthwhile.



With its comprehensive customization options, TeleportHQ changes the game regarding website construction. These options are the minimum for AI website builders. If a Web and App Development Services wants to add even more personalization to its website, it can modify any part of the code using custom HTML and CSS code. The text elements can be updated using pre-built editing options and AI prompts.

Websites and prototypes built by AI are made to be fully responsive to mobile devices and optimized for speed. With TeleportHQ’s free domain, businesses can quickly launch their websites with only a click. The builder’s drag-and-drop feature makes adding items from the catalog easy.



Among no-code website construction solutions, GetResponse stands out as the best option for those seeking a free ai website builder. Companies can pick a theme or set of templates, make their own changes, or use an automated website builder that requires them to answer a few questions.

Among the marketing tools available are pop-ups, which draw in users’ attention; email autoresponders, which intelligently react to consumers; and customer segmentation, which allows for creating specialized campaigns and timely and appropriate delivery of the proper message to the target population. In this approach, companies can ease into website launch and marketing.

Expert Web Developer can improve their website’s SERP ranking by registering a domain name and using hosting and HTTPS encryption.

Top AI Website Builder’s features

After you’ve got the hang of the fundamentals, it’s time to learn about the advanced capabilities and best practices of AI website builders:

SEO Optimization: You can optimize your website for search engines using the built-in SEO tools or recommendations that come with most AI builders. Optimize your website’s structure, meta descriptions, picture alt-text, and keyword integration to boost SEO.

Top AI Website Builder’s features

Mobile Responsiveness: Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets drive most internet traffic. Ensure your AI website builder has mobile optimization tools so your site can adjust to different screen sizes without any issues.

eCommerce Integration: If you plan to sell things online, choose a builder with strong eCommerce capabilities (or interfaces with platforms like Shopify). You should also consider tools for managing inventory, securely accepting payments, shipping alternatives, and calculating taxes.

Accessibility Matters: Make Your Site Compliant with Accessibility Standards by Using AI-Powered Tools to Create an Inclusive Website. Tools that automatically generate alternative text and check for color contrast might be pretty helpful.

Tracking and Analytics: Use Google Analytics to track website users, their behaviors, and traffic sources. We can use this information to improve your site.

Maximizing the Use of AI: Have fun trying new things! Experiment with various content-generating prompts, ask your AI helper for daring design modifications and watch how it handles your requests. The innovative outcomes may surprise you.

Continually seek knowledge: The field of artificial intelligence for creating websites is booming. Use the builder’s tutorials, forums, and blogs to keep yourself informed about new features and best practices

How much does AI website builder cost?

The price of AI website builders might change significantly for several reasons. This article will discuss these aspects in depth and explain the various price strategies provided by AI website builders. 

We will also advise on locating an affordable AI website builder and illuminate any hidden fees that may develop along the course of website development. With the information from this post, you can decide how much an AI website builder will cost you based on your unique requirements. You should also know about the Cost to Build an AI Content.

How long does it take to build a website with Al

• What goes into the price of artificial intelligence website builders

The amount of personalization and adaptability offered by the best AI website builders is a significant component of their price. Some AI website builders charge extra for more advanced features and customization choices; others provide cheaper, more basic templates with fewer design possibilities. The website maker cost will reflect the customization and flexibility the AI website builder offers.

Another component that impacts the cost of website builder is the AI website builder’s customer care and support level. While some AI website builders charge extra for round-the-clock customer help and personal account managers, others don’t provide any support at all. Access to dependable technical help is crucial for fixing problems and upgrading your site; the amount of support your website requires might affect the cost.

•  Analyzing and contrasting various price structures for AI website builders

When considering the cost of AI website generators, being familiar with alternative price structures is critical. Artificial intelligence website builders often employ one of three pricing models: freemium, subscription, or one-time purchase.

The AI website builder’s core functionality is accessible to users using freemium models, but users may be charged for access to premium services. This is a good option if you’re on a budget or want to try the builder before buying a premium plan. 

You pay a monthly or annual fee for artificial intelligence website builders use with a subscription. This may provide more leeway for customers to pick a plan that works for them and then tweak it as their website develops. 

Last but not least, some AI website builders demand a one-time fee in exchange for indefinite use of the platform. While this may require a larger initial investment, it could save money for individuals who intend to construct and maintain their website for a long time.

How do AI website builders work?

Gathering information about your website’s purpose, target demographic, and preferred style is the first step for an AI website generator. To provide this data, you may be asked to select keywords, answer questions, or even provide links to websites that you enjoy.

Assuming you’ve given the AI site generator enough information, it will assess your tastes and use algorithms to build a structure for your website that includes design, content, and functionality. Artificial intelligence (AI) might propose a layout and design components like color palettes, fonts, and picture styles. Features like contact forms, picture galleries, and e-commerce possibilities may also be suggested by your AI builder, depending on its capabilities.

The basic framework is generated by artificial intelligence, but you are not obligated to follow its ideas. You can change the layout, add features, and alter the content with most AI website builders. One possible change to the contact form your builder created is to include a Google Map of your store’s location.


With the advent of AI website builders, companies and people no longer need specialized knowledge in web design to launch visually appealing online presences. Rapidity, user-friendliness, accessibility, and the promotion of original thought are indisputable benefits. We should expect much more advanced capabilities as AI technology develops further. Envision artificial intelligence (AI) builders who can comprehend “make this section more playful” and other natural language requests or who can create full websites from a basic mood board. Now is the moment to harness the power of AI if you’ve been reluctant about developing your website. Let AI bring your online vision to life as you experiment with multiple platforms and explore the possibilities.


Can you use AI to build websites?

Website builders make the process of creating a website easier and more user-friendly by using AI and intuitive text prompts. Because of this, everybody can participate in site creation, not only those with coding expertise. Your website can be tailored to perfectly reflect your brand’s identity with various customization choices, even though AI website design generators provide the basic framework.

Is there a free AI website builder?

Bookipi and WordPress are just two of many free artificial intelligence website builders. These AI site builders have limits but are often decent beginning points. Generate basic layouts and content recommendations with free website generators, but don’t expect to have access to advanced features like custom domain names, storage space, or bandwidth. Hiring a professional website developer or a trustworthy AI website builder for a paid plan may be more prudent if you’re looking for a long-term solution for professional websites with growth potential.

Can ChatGPT design a website?

While ChatGPT with Your AppyPie Application helps brainstorm potential website ideas and generate code snippets, blog entries, and product descriptions, there are other options for developing a fully functional website besides human expertise.

Which is the best AI website creator?

Wix is the most excellent AI website builder because it has sophisticated AI capabilities, including an AI text generator, AI coding tools, and an AI website builder that prompts you to enter text.

What is the best AI for web development?

There is no better artificial intelligence website builder than Wix ADI. It ensures a great deal of design freedom and personalization choices, as well as a quick website construction procedure.


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