Looking for the Best App Development companies in Mumbai: Here are Top 10 to Explore

Best App Development Company in Mumbai

Who doesn’t like to have things at their fingertips? The only thing that is most accessible at your fingertips right now is mobile phones. A study shows that approximately 60% of interest traffic was generated through phones and tablets. As the mobile application market is booming right now, encouraging brands to  invest more in Android and iOS mobile apps.

Few years back, Mumbai was just the city of dreams but now it has become the city of rapid advancements. Just like in Bangalore and other hi-tech cities of India, mobile application development companies are growing at a very high pace in Mumbai.  Therefore, it has a greater demand and expertise in mobile app development. From small to big, almost every brand or company is interested in getting their mobile app developed. The main agenda behind this is to make their product and service more accessible. The rate of mobile app developers varies from company to company based on the requirements. Freelance mobile development services are also widely available in Mumbai. Hence, this blog will delve deep into understanding the cost and factors to consider while searching for a company for getting your app developed. Through this blog, we will also share some insights about the 10 Best App Development companies in Mumbai. It will include both in-house and freelance app developers in services in Mumbai.

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How much does it cost to develop a mobile app in Mumbai?

How much does it cost to develop a mobile app in Mumbai

Every other business looks at Mumbai as a land of opportunities for every industry. And its large population and demands make it one of the financial capitals of India. And we all know that digital transformation has revolutionized almost every business sector, therefore demand for mobile and iOS development is quite higher in Mumbai. Since the demand is higher, the companies in Mumbai are developing their technical expertise rapidly to stay ahead of the curve of technological advancements and provide top-notch services. 

There are various factors on which the cost of mobile app development depends. Before understanding the company-wise cost, let’s know more about the factors on which the price of an app depends in Mumbai. 

Below are the three main aspects according to which companies charge for app development:

 🌟App complexity

 🌟Design and construction

 🌟The operating system on which you want to deploy your application

Let’s study these aspects in detail and know the individual costs of these areas.

1. App complexity:  Three main types fall under this area which are simple mobile apps, complex data-driven apps, and high-performance applications. The simple mobile app has limited features with basic information only. The cost for a simple mobile app is between $5k to $10k and the time required to build these apps is approximately around 2 months. 

Next is a complex data-driven app that has API, payment getaways, and features to search for products and services. These application development costs are around $60k and can take time of 4 to 6 months.

Last is high-performance applications with features similar to those of data-driven apps but with modernization and optimization. The development cost of these apps is between $70k to $100k. These applications require 10 to 12 months to develop.

2. Design and construction: This area of app development includes custom-based apps, device apps, functionality apps, and gaming apps. The cost of design and construction increases from custom-based apps to gaming apps as the design and construction complexity keeps on increasing. 

3. Operating system: there are mainly two types of operating systems on which mobile apps can be implemented. These two are Android and iOS operating systems. iOS being an Apple operating system is quite expensive compared to that of Android. Hence the cost of app development will increase if you want to develop an iOS app or an app for both iOS and Android.

In addition to this, the app development cost also depends on some other factors such as company standards, capabilities, number of people working on the app, the time in which you require the app ready for deployment, etc.

In order to select the best app development company for your business that fulfills your requirements aligning with the budget,  you must understand these factors to look into an app development company before signing the deal. 

Now that you understand these crucial aspects of app development, let’s have a look at some top app development companies in Mumbai and what they have to offer.

10 top mobile application development companies in Mumbai

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Mobile app development is now the most widespread business in Mumbai contributing largely to its economy. Researching for the right mobile development company is beneficial only when the competitive analysis is done right. Every company is fighting its best to get a competitive advantage over others and is gradually working towards continuous improvements in terms of expertise and technological advancements. Now let’s have a look at some companies and see why they are better than the others.

GMTA software solutions

1. GMTA software solutions:  GMTA is one of the best mobile app development companies in Mumbai. They specialize in robust Android, iOS, and other mobile app development services. The large team of experts in GMTA has the capability of creating unique mobile apps catering to a specific set of audiences. They design and develop apps with specific demands of users following a purpose-driven approach to build a strong connection with the audience and their clients.  The best thing about GMTA is that their expertise is not only limited to Android and iOS. They have a strong capability in developing cross-platform and wearable app development. This is a great differentiator for them in the market. They have a well-defined app development process that they follow diligently learning the way to success. Having expertise in a large number of technologies including languages, development platforms, and UI frameworks, GMTA stands as a strong player in the competitive environment of mobile app development. 

Buzzlink Studios

2. Buzzlink Studios: Buzzlink is well known for its versatile and experienced team of experts and is a prominent player in the mobile app development market. They have vast expertise across developing Android, iOS, cross-platform, and hybrid applications. They cater to a wide range of client needs. Buzzlink’s approach to app development is characterized by a deep understanding of both the technical and business aspects of their projects. 


3.DxMinds: DxMinds Technologies Inc. has emerged as a top mobile app development company in Mumbai with cutting-edge Dx Frameworks. They have delivered high-quality services over the past two years by leveraging innovative strategies and successful projects to distinguish themselves in a competitive market. DxMinds has established its name as one of the leading mobile application development in Mumbai due to its firm commitment to excellence

Wama Technology-t

4. Wama Technology: Wama Technology has a team of mobile app developers and R&D associates who work closely with a wide array of brands, startups, organizations, and individuals to transform excellent ideas into remarkable apps. They have a deep understanding of business goals and requirements. This follows a collaborative approach that enables them to develop smart and strategic plans tailored to creating top-tier apps that resonate with users. They prioritize client communication and leverage their expertise to consistently deliver exceptional results in mobile app development.


5. Algoocean: Algoocean positions itself as one of the best mobile app development companies. They have a dedicated Application Development Team that works tirelessly, around the clock, to deliver top-notch services to clients. The team has unwavering commitment, coupled with a sincere and positive attitude that ensures the creation of high-quality mobile applications. 

Indus Net Technologies

6.Indus Net Technologies: real-time functionality and seamless connectivity is the USP of Indus Net developers. They develop apps tailored for every stakeholder in business such as prospects, customers, employees, partners, and vendors. They have vast expertise in spans native, mobile web, and hybrid applications, providing comprehensive solutions that enhance business operations and engagement across all platforms.

Binmile Technologies

7. Binmile Technologies: Dedicated to crafting custom applications that drive digital success for businesses, Binmile stands as one of Mumbai’s premier app development companies. By combining extensive cross-industry mobility experience with deep technological expertise, Binmile delivers custom application development services designed to enhance business efficiency and reduce costs. Their tailored solutions not only streamline operations but also empower businesses to thrive in a competitive digital landscape.

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Mypcot Infotech
Mypcot Infotech

8. Mypcot Infotech: Mypcot Infotech Private Limited is a premier web and mobile app development company in Mumbai. It was founded with a vision to meet client needs with unparalleled quality while staying competitive and achieving exponential growth., they consistently strive to deliver tailored solutions that align with client requirements by recognizing the uniqueness of each client. They offer affordable proposals without compromising on quality. Mypcot Infotech is committed to outstanding delivery, ensuring projects are completed on time and within budget, thereby fostering strong client relationships and driving business success.


9. Eiosys: Eiosys is one of the finest mobile app development companies in Mumbai, renowned for understanding the habit-forming nature of apps and their diverse applications for businesses. They have been transforming organizations by delivering innovative, bespoke IT solutions for over a decade now.  Eiosys leverages its deep expertise to help businesses reimagine their operations, creating custom apps that drive engagement, efficiency, and growth.

Hyperlink Infosystems

10.Hyperlink Infosystems: Hyperlink boasts a team of top mobile app developers who are highly skilled and adept at the latest technology trends. Their team collaborates with global firms to transform innovative ideas into stunning, inventive mobile apps. By staying at the forefront of technological advancements, Hyperlink ensures their apps are not only cutting-edge but also highly functional and user-friendly. Their commitment to excellence and creativity consistently delivers outstanding results, making them a preferred partner for businesses worldwide seeking transformative mobile solutions.

So now you know about some of the top app development companies in Mumbai and the factors on which the app development cost depends. So the next step would be clubbing both these aspects together and understanding what you should look for while choosing the right app development company in Mumbai.

What should I look for when choosing a mobile app development company in Mumbai?

Choosing the right app development company in Mumbai is a difficult process but can be done easily with a proactive approach. Definitely, each company puts so much effort into marketing and branding their capabilities but to check whether their expertise aligns with your requirements is crucial for you. In order to do this, you should focus on the following aspects:

Narrowing down the top-skilled companies from a large pool of companies is the very first step you should follow. This can be done by conducting good market research by defining the requirements you have and then cross-checking them with the companies offering those services. 

The next step that you should follow would be to check their technical expertise along with their experience in that expertise. This process also includes checking the process they follow to develop, test, and deploy the product.

The next thing you can do is get connected with the people on different levels in each company to learn about their understanding of the market, industry, your needs, and the way they communicate. 

Last but most important factor to consider is the pricing. Preparing a list of companies with the required expertise plus who are fulfilling the above needs along with the service cost they are asking will help you get a better understanding of all aspects in one place.

Therefore, this process will help you select the right app development company in Mumbai.

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Why is GMTA one of the best mobile app development companies in Mumbai?

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We talked about some of the top mobile app development companies in Mumbai, app development costs in Mumbai, and the factors to look for while selecting the same. We have also done a kind of competitive analysis here to help you find the best app development company. 

Understanding various factors of app development and the market of app development, this blog specifies the capabilities of app development companies in Mumbai. Although all the companies are quite good at the work they have done so far and doing right now our company GMTA stands out in all aspects. 

Our expert team excels in creating innovative, high-quality mobile applications tailored to your business needs. We have developed mobile applications for various niche businesses such as cricket betting apps, driving apps and on demand mobile apps etc. In addition to this, we have a large team of people working solely dedicated to Android apps and Flutter app development.  Over the years, we have developed the capability to change ideas into high-impact applications and developed a proven track record of delivering cutting-edge solutions on time and within budget.  Contact us today to discuss your app and learn how we can help you achieve your goals.


What is the app maintenance cost in Mumbai?

On an average,the hourly rate of an App maintenance is around $10 in Mumbai

What are the various phases of developing a mobile application?

The phase through which a mobile application parses is planning, defining specifications, design, development, testing, deployment, post-launch maintenance, and marketing​.

What type of mobile apps will develop in Mumbai?

Some main types of mobile apps developed in Mumbai are e-commerce, fintech, healthcare, education, travel, social networking, and entertainment apps.

What is the cost of app development in Mumbai?

The cost of app development in Mumbai ranges from $10,000 to $50,000+ depending on the app’s complexity and features

Do mobile app development companies in Mumbai provide end-to-end services?

Yes, mobile app companies in Mumbai provide end-to-end services.

What industries do mobile app development companies in Mumbai cater to?

Mobile app development companies in Mumbai cater to almost all industries and sectors whether it big or small, but some frequent service receiver industries are e-commerce, finance, healthcare, education, travel, entertainment, and social networking industries.

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