Top 15 Taxi App Development Companies

Taxi App Development Companies

Large-scale taxi booking app development is being done by app development companies all over the world. It should be as simple as flipping a switch indoors to book a taxi. It should be at your fingertips regardless of the circumstance, be it in a hurry, an emergency, or while you’re in the office. 

Owners of taxi apps, particularly those operating hire-go, carpool, rent, and shuttle services, have begun to turn to taxi app development firms such as Uber and Lyft in order to enter the online marketplace using taxi dispatch software with eye-catching features.

However, in order to create feature-rich services, you should conduct research and develop apps while keeping the fundamental principles in mind.

The list of some of the best taxi application development companies is provided below.

After doing research and analysis and looking through case studies, portfolios, track records, and user reviews of their produced taxi apps, we created.

Best Taxi App Development Companies

1. GMTA Software Solution 

gmta software

Among the best taxi app development companies is GMTA software solutions. The company employs a group of extremely talented developers who can create apps for a variety of industries depending on what the client needs. Within your price range, GMTA Online Solutions can develop your app idea into a reality.  

They work with a group of knowledgeable and experienced professionals that use agile and interactive methods, involving customers in every stage of the project. The company’s outstanding initiatives to create apps for every industry, including fitness, healthcare, and finance, as well as setting the standard as one of the best taxi booking app development companies in India and USA .

Avg. Hourly price: $25/hr

Employees: 220-500

Founded: 20019

Location: India , USA , japan and Singapore 

Website :



One of India’s most reputable companies for developing software and mobile apps, OpenXcell was established in 2009 and provides solutions for product engineering, user experience (UX) research and design, QA & testing, and custom software, mobile applications, and web applications. They are a taxi booking app development company with highly skilled and committed offshore teams that can produce reliable solutions.

To assist you in growing your clientele, they offer a large pool of knowledgeable experts in machine learning, cloud computing, the internet of things, artificial intelligence, and other fields.

Avg. Hourly price: $25/hr

Employees: 250-999

Founded: 2009

Location: India

Key Clients: AJIO, Reliance, BYJU’S. Kotak Mahindra Bank

website :


Since 2004, ValueCoders has been a top supplier of application development services. They are made up of more than 450 highly qualified individuals with at least four years of devoted experience, resulting in high-quality solutions that enhance the company. They provide taxi application development services as well as a range of solutions for different industries.

The Valuecoders white-label taxi app development services are easy to use, safe, and straightforward.

-Easier passenger onboarding

-Advanced tracking system

-Custom package plans

More than 18 years of experience, more than 4200 projects launched, more than 2000 man-years of experience, more than 2500 satisfied customers, 97% client retention, more than 40 countries served, and adherence to the FTR process

Avg. Hourly price: $25/hr

Employees: 250-999

Founded: 2004

Location: India

Key Clients: Dubai Police, Risk Logic, Track Opinion


Award-winning Pixelcrayons is a digital consulting and engineering firm that was founded in 2004 and provides end-to-end solutions to startups, digital agencies, and enterprises. Their team of developers possesses expertise and experience, enabling them to produce solutions of superior quality.

This company provides a one-stop shop for developing apps for taxi booking and other industries that want to outsource software development services. By staying on the cutting edge of technological advancements, they provide cutting-edge solutions customised to your needs.

18+ Years of Experience, 650+ Experts, 5400+ Contented Clients, and 12500+ Completed Projects

Avg. Hourly price: $25/hr

Employees: 250-999

Founded: 2004

Location: India

Key Clients: WHO, MasterChef, Yale University, Panasonic

Website :


Jafton, a dependable partner for your digital project, was established in 2013. Transparency, quickness, inventiveness, curiosity, challenge, and growth are among their basic principles. Jafton approaches the development and design of your next big idea from a people-centric perspective. They work with you to become your partner at whatever point in the development of your taxi application process you’re at.

Your ideas will be realised with the assistance of its in-house, creative problem-solving visionaries, located in the US.

Avg. Hourly rate: $50 – $99 / hr

Employees: 10 – 49

Founded: 2013

Location: New York

Key Clients: Alaska, Kia, Kroger, SHEIN


Mobisoft Infotech is an app development company that specialises in enterprise app development for BlackBerry, iOS, and Android platforms. Over 240 apps have been created by the company.

With innovative and market-specific product development, the team has expanded its experience as a taxi booking app development company and other mobile app development. They employ the most highly qualified software developers and designers who are acutely aware of business objectives, best practices, and cutting-edge technologies.

Avg. Hourly rate:  $25- $49/hr, 

Employees:              50–249

Founded:                  2010

Location:                  USA

Key Clients:             Olha Agua, Samsung, Deloitte, Unicornia App

7. Appy Pie

Appy Pie

A mobile creator for Windows, iOS, and Android is called Appy Pie. The company, which employs about 235 people and has offices in London, Virginia, and New Delhi, can create affordable applications.

Appy Pie creates apps without the need for code. It focuses on utilising the newest technology to assist SMB. They develop a no-code mobile app builder that offers a quicker, more cost-effective, and more user-friendly solution. You will therefore be astounded to learn that a taxi booking app can be developed with little to no coding in a matter of minutes.

Avg. Rate: $7 to $ 33/mo

Employees: 235-250

Founded: 2015

Location: India

Key Clients: Sodexo Qatar, Mr. Olympia, Slim down

8.Enuke Software 

A mobile creator for Windows, iOS, and Android is called Appy Pie. The company, which employs about 235 people and has offices in London, Virginia, and New Delhi, can create affordable applications.

One of the top web and mobile development companies is Enuke Software. They began operations in 2008 with the goal of becoming the world’s leading provider of iOS and Android application development services for clients seeking taxi application development and other solutions. The experts provide business goals with implemented projects in various software development areas, all while keeping those business goals in mind.

It has developed more than 200 iOS apps globally across three nations, with more than 180 happy customers.

Avg. Hourly Rate:  $25/hr

Employees:  50-249

Founded:   2008

Location:   USA

 Key Clients:   Pedia Tape Survey, Pipeline Wizard, Blink Awards

9.Innofied Solutions

One of the successful businesses that has been in the market since 2012 is a prominent mobile and web app development company. They have created more than 400 apps for the following sectors: wearables, e-commerce, finance, education, healthcare, and transportation.

Since they use a wide range of technologies, which makes them one of the best taxi tracking software and other apps for clients worldwide, meeting deadlines and providing value for money are the top priorities.

With more than 100 full-time team members, offices in New York, San Francisco, Australia, and India, and a wide range of technologies for taxi application development and other solutions, Innofied has over the years provided services to more than 150 clients.

Avg. Hourly Rate: $25 to $49 /hr

Employees:  100

Founded: 2012

Country: United States, India

Key Clients:  Engage Mobile, SnappOrder, Greenply startups & SME, IMD Business School


Leading full-service provider of web and mobile development, MTOAG offers comprehensive solutions. They offer IT solutions and lead digital solutions to their clients because they have some of the greatest experts and brains behind amazing app development.

The company has completed over 1000 applications and happy customers since its founding in 2009.

The company’s core areas include enriched Internet applications, custom web development, interactive web design, product design & development, and eCommerce. It offers the most affordable, customer-friendly solutions at competitive prices.

Avg. Hourly Rate: $25/hr 

Employees:   130+

Founded: 2009

Location: India 

Key Clients: 1000+ Projects On Various Platforms

11. Onde App

Onde App

Their on-demand services and creation of new market leaders have gained them greater recognition. They incorporate features like online booking, GPS tracking, iPhone and Android apps, etc. Additionally, they enable taxi businesses to sell orders and taxis; to date, they have supplied more than 200 on-demand services in more than 60 countries, enabling them to develop cutting-edge apps. By connecting to the world, these clients have increased their revenue.

By offering user-friendly services, the clients for whom they have developed taxi applications and other solutions are churning returns on investment.

Avg. Rate: $59 per user /month

Employees: 51-200

Founded: 2013

Location: Belarus 

Key Clients: GeekWire, tech cabal, Financial Nigeria


Since 2011, Peer Bits has been a prominent player in the global mobile app development industry. More than a hundred developers, designers, QA experts, senior managers, and system administrators make up the team. They have experience with backend business solutions, app launch strategy, and creating customised websites on platforms like PHP, Python, and MAGENTO.

Since 2011, all businesses, big or small, worldwide, have operated with a quality-centric approach towards all of their clients. Peerbits is present in four nations during its operational hours: India, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Colombia.

Avg. Hourly Rate: $25/hr

Employees:  100+

Founded: 2011

Location: India 

Key Clients: King Saud University, TracMojo, Medtronics

13.Space O Technologies

One of the top developers of mobile apps in Siberia, Vietnam, Russia, and India is Space O Technologies.

In addition to providing a wide range of cloud and mobile app development services, they are a top taxi booking app development company. With over 200 skilled web developers, UI/UX designers, and Android and iPhone app developers, the team has created over 3500 mobile applications for over 1000 clients worldwide.

Avg. Hourly Rate: $25 – $49 / hr

 Employees: 200


Country: India

Key Clients: Nike, Ferrari, Stanford HCI Group, McAfee, Starwesttech

Modern taxi dispatch systems are of the highest calibre because for many people, taxis are practically a lifeline. He can now conveniently book a taxi at any time and from any location by using the digital channel. Thus, simplifying life for LoT.

14. Devico Solutions

Devico Solutions

In the last ten years, Device Solutions, a top outsourcing development firm, has built products using cutting-edge technology. They are an industry expert in Fintech, e-Learning, Healthcare, and Media & Entertainment. a well-known brand offering web and mobile solutions.

Their Agile team has experience creating effective, adaptable solutions.

Avg. Hourly Rate:   $25- $49/hr

Employees: 50-249

Founded: 2011

Location: Ukraine 

Key Clients: Voicebox, Memomeister, Quick Mount PV


One noteworthy collaborator for the creation of taxi booking apps is OweBest. Advanced features like SMS and call alerts, routing archives, driver verification, cost estimators, trip management, and multiple taxi options are introduced by OweBest. OweBest has effectively completed projects that satisfy the changing needs of the transport sector by putting an emphasis on user experience and cutting-edge features. They are positioned as a significant player in the market by their commitment to technical excellence.

How To Choose The Best Taxi App Development Company?

Worldwide, a large number of taxi applications are currently in use, and both drivers and passengers profit from them. These days, a lot of developing nations use mobile apps for taxi booking systems. Numerous thousands of eager entrepreneurs are attempting to launch their taxi applications. The quality and user-friendliness of the app are the centre of the business. Thus, people interested in developing apps for taxi booking will eventually look for the best app development services.

Thus, this conundrum will now affect a lot of us. How To Select From Top Taxi App Development Companies:


It is important to consider the top taxi app development companies when choosing a business. A service provider’s in-depth understanding of app development is something that only they can guarantee.

Application Integration

Apps for booking taxis should have functional and adaptable features. To be able to provide the offer, the company must have more experience with random application integration than those who don’t have the necessary knowledge in the field.


The security of the application is essential for the customers’ financial information in this day and age, when cybercriminals can cause harm at any time. Low-level encryption frequently begs for catastrophe, which could lead to a business slowdown.

Enhanced features

The focus of the contemporary taxi app solution is on improved features that could accelerate the launch of your company. Therefore, integrating modern features is essential. Therefore, they advised searching for a few well-known names in the taxi app development industry.

Innovation and Creativity

We seek out businesses that exhibit a dedication to creativity and innovation. Creating a taxi app that stands out demands having special features, intuitive user interfaces, and solutions that both meet the demands of the present market and foresee emerging trends.

 Client Reviews and Testimonials

We analyse case studies and client testimonials in-depth to determine how satisfied past customers were. Good reviews and completed projects are indicators of a business’s ability to fulfil commitments and satisfy customers.

Portfolio and Project Diversity

To determine the scope and diversity of the company’s prior endeavours, we evaluate its portfolio. A varied portfolio that includes a range of taxi apps—such as those for ride-sharing, taxi dispatch, or corporate transportation—shows adaptability and proficiency.

Technical Proficiency

Having strong technical skills is essential for creating reliable taxi applications. We assess the technical capabilities of the organisation, such as their capacity to operate on multiple platforms (iOS, Android), incorporate payment gateways, put GPS tracking into practice, and guarantee data security.

User-Centric Design

An essential component of any taxi app’s success is its user experience. We seek out businesses that put a high priority on user-centric design, providing simple navigation, user-friendly interfaces, and a smooth booking and payment process to improve the user experience.

Scalability and Flexibility

Scalability is crucial because taxi applications need to be able to accommodate growing user demands. We evaluate the company’s capacity to develop scalable solutions that can keep up with your company’s expansion while still offering top-notch dependability and performance.


Although quality is of utmost importance, affordability also holds significance. We assess the company’s pricing structures to make sure the services are reasonable and provide a good return on investment.

Taxi App Development Challenges and Solutions

There are a number of obstacles involved in creating a successful taxi app, but creative taxi app development businesses are prepared to meet these head-on. In this section, we’ll look at some of the typical problems that arise when developing taxi apps and the practical fixes that leading businesses in the industry use.

 Competition in the Market

Challenge: It’s challenging for new entrants to gain traction in the fiercely competitive taxi app market.

Solution: To stand out, top taxi app development companies concentrate on developing distinctive features and user interfaces. They make sure their apps offer something unique and valuable by conducting in-depth market research to find opportunities and gaps.

2. Regulatory Compliance

Challenge: It can be difficult to navigate the intricate regulatory environment, which varies by location.

Solution: To guarantee compliance, top businesses keep up with local laws and closely collaborate with legal professionals. In order to assist in creating just and reasonable policies for the sector, they also have positive conversations with regulators.

3. Ensuring Safety

Challenge: Trust-building requires addressing safety concerns, and passenger and driver safety are of utmost importance.

Solution: Safety features like emergency buttons, real-time tracking, and background checks on drivers are implemented by taxi app development companies. They also offer 24/7 customer service and instruct users on safe practices.

4. Technical Challenges

Challenge: It can be technically challenging to create a reliable and effective app that can withstand heavy usage and regular updates.

Solution: Well-known businesses make investments in scalable technologies and solid infrastructure. They have a specialised staff for upkeep and updates, optimise performance, and carry out thorough testing.

5. User Trust and Loyalty

Challenge: In a cutthroat market, gaining and keeping users’ trust and loyalty is crucial.

Solution: Transparency, dependability, and user-centric design are given top priority by taxi app developers. To reward and keep loyal customers, loyalty programmes, discounts, and incentives are also employed.

Wrapping Up

Upon concluding our exploration of the realm of taxi app development and the leading 15 companies within this growing sector, it is evident that urban mobility has undergone a permanent transformation. In addition to altering how we move around cities, the development of taxi apps has sparked technological breakthroughs and entrepreneurial opportunities that continue to influence how we live our daily lives.

The best taxi app development companies that are highlighted in this post have proven to be exceptional in a number of areas, including safety, sustainability, and technical know-how as well as innovation. They have effectively surmounted obstacles in the industry, adjusted to shifting conditions, and continuously provided outstanding taxi app solutions to a user base spread across the globe.

These businesses will continue to be at the forefront of innovation as the taxi app market develops, making sure that customers can easily hail a ride, drivers can find profitable opportunities, and companies can maximise their transportation operations. These leading businesses are your reliable mentors on this thrilling journey, and the path to taxi app success is paved with opportunities.



Q1. What is a taxi app development company, and what services do they offer?

A1. A taxi app development business focuses on making mobile apps that make it easier to schedule and oversee ride-sharing or taxi services. For a smooth and practical taxi booking experience, they provide services like app design, development, real-time tracking, payment integration, and maintenance.


Q2. How do I choose the right taxi app development company for my project?

A2. Selecting the appropriate business needs careful thought. Examine their experience, portfolio, testimonials from clients, level of technical skill, and dedication to user-centered design. Make sure they comprehend the particular requirements of your project as well as the legal requirements in your intended market.


Q3. Are there specific regulations for taxi app development?

A3. Regional regulations do apply to the development of taxi apps. These rules might cover things like insurance, licence, background checks on drivers, and data privacy laws. Working with a business that is aware of and abides by local laws is essential.


Q4. How do companies that develop taxi apps handle issues related to driver and passenger safety?

A4. By including features like driver background checks, real-time tracking, emergency buttons, and in-app support, taxi app companies put safety first. They also regularly improve safety precautions and instruct users on safe behaviour.


Q5. What role does innovation play in taxi app development?

A5. To remain competitive, innovation is essential. Taxi app developers innovate through bringing in new features, enhancing functionality, and adjusting to the shifting demands of their clientele. Innovations in the field include AI-driven dispatch, sustainability programmes, and seamless user experiences.


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