The best Apple Watch apps in 2024

best Apple Watch apps in 2024

The Apple Watch has evolved into a necessary friend that fits perfectly into our daily routines. The smartwatch is still evolving with the introduction of the best apps for Apple Watch series 8 , 9, and Apple Watch Ultra 2, and its App Store is still a goldmine of apps that meet a wide range of needs. The best Apple Watch apps for 2024 will be discussed in this post. They come in a variety of categories, including productivity, travel, gaming, music and podcasts, sleep tracking, and health and fitness. Here are the Apple Watch apps list

Best Apple Watch apps in 2024

Health and Fitness Apps:

Health and Fitness Apps

a. Water Reminder:

It’s important to stay hydrated, and Water Reminder makes it simpler. Taking a holistic approach to your health, this app—which is regarded as one of the  Top 50 Application Ideas  syncs seamlessly with Apple Health and reminds you to drink water based on your settings

b. MapMyRun:

The excellent workout tracking app from Under Armour is now available for the Apple Watch. MapMyRun, which provides detailed information on distance, duration, pace, and heart rate, is an essential tool for runners, walkers, and cyclists. It does this by utilising the watch’s integrated GPS and heart rate monitor.

c. Nike Run Club:

Discover the best Apple Watch apps with Nike Run Club, a collaborative effort between Nike and Apple. This running app offers unparalleled features, including free audio-guided runs, personalized coaching plans, and comprehensive stat logging, making it the top choice for runners on Apple Watch.”

d. Strava:

Strava’s Apple Watch app uses the watch’s GPS capabilities, making it perfect for cyclists and runners. Runs, bike rides, and swims can all be recorded, and watches with cellular connectivity can also stream music.

e. ViewRanger:

ViewRanger improves the navigation on your Apple Watch for outdoor enthusiasts. It syncs your activities with Apple Health and lets you transfer routes and offline maps from your iPhone to your watch. It also gives turn-by-turn directions. This is a one of the  best iPhone apps

f. GoPoop:

Beyond exercise, GoPoop stands out among the on-demand mobile app services for Apple Watch, emphasizing the importance of digestive health. By utilizing the Bristol Stool Scale and tracking your bowel movements, this app delivers valuable insights into your overall health

g. Pedometer++:

Improve the look of your Apple Watch face with the third-party step-counter Pedometer++. This app adds customisable complications to your step count progress so you can quickly see your progress and make your smartwatch experience more unique.

h. SwingVision:

Designed with sports fans in mind, SwingVision analyses and improves your tennis game using artificial intelligence and Apple technology. By monitoring vital signs like heart rate, caloric intake, and shot specifics, it provides deep performance insights.

Mental Wellness Apps:

a. Headspace:

Beyond physical health, Headspace focuses on mental well-being. This meditation app offers guided breathing and meditation sessions on your wrist, providing a convenient way to manage stress and enhance mindfulness.

b. Calm:

Similar to Headspace, Calm is a versatile guided meditation app with sessions ranging from 3 to 25 minutes. Calm’s premium subscription unlocks additional features, including Daily Calm meditations, sleep aids, and exclusive music tracks.

Music and Podcast Apps:

a. Apple Music:

The greatest music app for the Apple Watch is unquestionably Apple Music. Users can enjoy a seamless music experience by downloading playlists for offline listening and listening to their favourite songs on the watch with a subscription.

b. Spotify:

Spotify is a major player in the music streaming space, and its Apple Watch app, considered one of the best Apple Watch apps free, lets premium users download songs for offline listening. Playlists can be managed from the watch by free users as well, giving you more freedom to arrange your audio files

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c. Audible:

Explore the best Apple Watch apps, especially if you’re an audiobook enthusiast. Audible seamlessly integrates with Apple Watch, providing a captivating audiobook experience through easy transfer or streaming over LTE . this is one of the best audiobook apps

Sleep Tracking Apps:

Sleep Tracking Apps

a. AutoSleep:

Consider best sleep apps like autosleeep .Among Apple Watch sleep tracking apps, AutoSleep is particularly noteworthy. It recognises sleep patterns automatically and gives a thorough analysis based on movement, heart rate, and the amount of time spent in bed.

b. Sleep Cycle:

Sleep Cycle, which is well-known for its focus on sleep cycles, lets users establish a wake-up window for a more organic waking experience. Additional insights are provided by the premium membership, which compares your sleep scores internationally and takes into account outside variables like the local weather.

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Productivity Apps:

Productivity Apps

a. Just Press Record:

When it comes to productivity, Just Press Record is an excellent substitute for the native Notes app. Taking notes straight from your wrist is made easier with its one-tap recording, transcription, and iCloud syncing features.

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b. Todoist:

With Todoist’s Apple Watch-integrated to-do list app, users can add tasks using voice dictation, set reminders, and mark off tasks as completed. It guarantees that your tasks are always at your fingertips thanks to synchronisation across Apple devices.

Travel Apps:

a. Google Maps:

With Google Maps, you can use the Apple Watch to access navigation for a variety of transportation options. Although the watch does not have a map on it, it is still a useful travel companion because it provides haptic alerts along with step-by-step instructions.

b. iTranslate Converse:

With iTranslate Converse, you can turn your Apple Watch into an international translator, ranking among the best free apps for Apple Watch. With support for 38 languages, this app makes communication easier in a variety of contexts by providing almost instantaneous translations and transcript exporting

Games Apps:

a. Snappy Word:

With over 400 levels, Snappy Word entertains and challenges Apple Watch users with word games. Testing your ability to form words from random letters, it provides a fun and engaging way to pass the time.

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b. Tiny Armies:

Tiny Armies brings strategic gameplay to the Apple Watch, challenging players to outsmart AI opponents. With turn-based moves and careful planning, it offers an immersive gaming experience on the smaller display.


In summary, the versatility of the Apple Watch shines through with these top ten apps, reinforcing its position as a powerful and adaptable tool. From health and fitness to mental wellness, music, productivity, sleep tracking, travel, and gaming, these apps enhance the overall smartwatch experience. As technology continues to advance, coupled with these innovative apps, the Apple Watch can revolutionize the management of our daily activities, health, and wellbeing, solidifying its status as one of the best Apple Watch apps


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