The 17+ best apps for apple watch fitness and health 2024

best apps for apple watch

Best Apple Watch apps to keep you Fit and healthy

As you are aware, the Apple Watch is extremely useful. The Apple Watch is undoubtedly one of the greatest and most complete health-tech gadgets available, with features like heart-rate monitoring and “take a break” alerts.

However, your wrist-worn personal health assistant can perform far more tasks than you could have ever imagined with the right apps. Enhance your Physical wellness with these 17 best apps for apple watch fitness .

Best Apps for Running

Best Apps for Running

While the Apple Watch’s built-in Workout app isn’t bad, it is missing a few essential features for serious runners, such as interval training and increased metric visibility. Lets explore best apps for running iphone and android 


iSmoothRun is among the most feature-rich apps for running available. You can design and monitor personalized exercises according to your heart rate zone, time or distance intervals, or both. If, like me, you want to see your heart rate, elevation gain, current pace, time, and distance all at once, you can set your Apple Watch to display more than just five metrics.

Price: $5, with iSmoothRun Pro adding $5/month for additional features like syncing training plans from other services.

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Without a doubt, Strava is the best apps for apple watch fitness available if you want to compete with your friends or share your runs with others. Even though the Watch app only tracks your runs, it’s still worthwhile to download because of the statistics you can view afterward and the praise and comments you can receive from your friends.

You can also access McMillan-powered training programmes if you have a Strava Premium subscription. They come in very handy if you want to run a 5K or 10K faster or if this is your first time running a half-marathon or marathon. The programmes are good, but you’ll have to pace yourself because the workouts don’t sync with your watch.

Price: Free; $8/month for Premium, which includes other features and training plans.

3.Watch To 5K

Not every individual who desires a fitness watch is currently experiencing weeks with high mileage. Watch To 5K is definitely worth a look if you want to use your Apple Watch as motivation to start running. It turns the hugely successful and well-liked Couch to 5K programme into a Watch app, allowing you to abandon your phone at home.

You can train to run 3.1 miles with Watch To 5K by following its instructions for each run and tracking your improvement over the course of nine weeks with three runs per week.

Price: $4

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4 MapMyRun

For serious runners, MapMyRun is the best option because it provides thorough analysis, including mile split times and the number of miles you can cover before needing new running shoes.

Heart rate zone analysis, customised training programmes, and Live Tracking—a security feature that lets people know where you are while you run—are all included in the premium 

Price: Free or $5.99 per month 

Best Apps for Triathlon Training

Best Apps for Triathlon Training (1)

Although it isn’t very intuitive, the Apple Watch can track multisport activities. Using a touch screen while trying to switch between disciplines while your hands are wet is part of training for a triathlon. There are best apps for training for a marathon.

5. Triathlon Tracker

The best apps for apple watch for fitness and health is Triathlon Tracker. You can mark your transitions between disciplines on your Watch by tapping both of the side buttons, eliminating the need to touch the screen. Additionally, it tracks your stats according to the discipline you are currently in.

You can use Triathlon Tracker for your multisport training days as well. You can set it up in advance if you’re just doing a swim/bike or run/swim session.

Price: $10.

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MySwimPro is the best app available for swimmers. You can design and monitor swim workouts with the free app, rather than just keeping track of the number of lengths you’ve swum. This makes a huge difference if you’re genuinely trying to train instead of just getting some exercise in.

For $20 per month, you can also avail of the Elite subscription plan, which includes personalised coaching if you so desire.

Price: Free; Elite, which includes coaching and other features, is optional and costs $20 per month.

Best Apps for Outdoor Activities

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If you’re planning a multiday backpacking trip, you’ll need to bring a battery pack because using your Apple Watch’s GPS nonstop will drain its battery faster than normal daily use. It should work just fine for the majority of casual half-day hikes and skiing sessions, though.


Your Apple Watch can now have vector maps from WorkOutDoors, which you can even store for offline use. You can add a GPX route to follow in order to ensure that you don’t get lost when hiking, running, or taking a ski tour on the trails.

It’s basically the app that makes your Apple Watch more akin to an adventure watch made by Garmin.This is one the best apps for apple watch fitness .

Price: $6.


When it comes to skiing lift-accessed slopes, SkiTracks is the best app for tracking fitness your progress. It can measure your average speed, the number of runs you’ve completed, and, of course, the vertical you’ve managed to ski so far that day.

After skiing all day, you can review your experience and see how it went on an iPhone 3D terrain map.

Price: $1.

Best Apps for the Gym

The gym is one setting where the Apple Watch shines. There are apps that make it simple to track your weights, repetitions, and sets, or to work up a sweat during an interval training session.


Without using your phone, Strong enables you to log every exercise, rep, and set of your workouts. Leaving your phone in your locker during downtime is a great way to avoid the distractions of Twitter.

You can only use three custom routines at once with the app’s free version, but that’s still enough to avoid a push/pull/legs split. Strong PRO is available for $5 per month if you’d like more personalised routines.One of the greatest  best apps for apple watch fitness and health .

price: None, with Strong PRO (optional) at $5/month for additional features and more personalised routines.

10.Seconds Pro

If you prefer high-intensity interval training, Seconds Pro is among the top apps available. You can design as many custom timers for your workouts as you need to get your sweat on—brightly coloured and easily readable ones, that is.


The best gym app for seasoned users is Gymaholic. The app allows you to log almost 400 different types of exercises, but before you can log an exercise, you must know its name. 

If you don’t mind, Gymaholic provides simple and efficient workout tracking that lets you monitor your weightlifting volume and track your progress over time. 

Meditation apps 


Calm is one of the most feature-rich meditation apps available for the Apple Watch. It provides breathing techniques, mindful movement sessions, guided stretching, guided meditations, and much more, all accessible with a simple tap on your wrist.

Start your day with a 10-minute Daily Calm session, finish an Emergency Calm when you’re feeling nervous, go for a brief Mindful Walk following lunch, and end the day with a Sleep Story. On your watch, the walks and stretching sessions also contribute to your daily activity rings.

Price: Free trial, then $14.99 per month or $69.99 per year

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Headspace is an app that you can use on your phone, tablet, or computer to learn how to deeply breathe and meditate for a variety of reasons, such as focus, happiness, anxiety relief, and stress management.

However, there are only two exercises available on the Apple Watch: SOS and Touch. When everything seems too much, both modes are designed to quickly get you into a state of focus and relaxation. 

Price: Free or $12.99 per month or $94.99 per year

Health and wellness app

Health and wellness app (1)


On the iPhone version of Lifesum, you can count calories, track your meals, discover recipes and log progress towards your goals. 

If you also download it on your Apple Watch, you’ll notice that it aggregates data from both iPhone and Apple Watch for a more comprehensive picture. On your watch, Lifesum shows your progress via a cartoon character, which is a nice added visual touch. 


As you are undoubtedly aware, one of the secrets to living a healthy life is to make realistic, timely, and manageable goals rather than unrealistic ones that will only make you feel worse. To that end, Streaks assists you in making minor adjustments that you can truly maintain.

Up to 12 habits can be tracked at once and classified as either positive or negative. You can track smoking as a negative goal and exercise as a positive goal, for instance. Reminders are sent by Streaks to help you stay on track.  


The vast food database on MyFitnessPal is well-known to most people. The Apple Watch is a straightforward and practical companion, but the iPhone app is incredibly detailed and complex.

MyFitnessPal provides you with a running total of calories left for the day on your Apple Watch along with a breakdown of your macronutrients. It also adds up your Apple Watch’s step count, activity level, and number of calories burned. 

Price: Free or $9.99 monthly or $49.99 yearly

17. Cardiogram

When it comes to heart health, Cardiogram is yet another excellent app that can track your heart’s performance over time.

Cardiogram provides information on how your heart responds to specific foods, activities, and other factors using the heart rate data that your Apple Watch gathers. 

Price: Free

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Here we are to remind you to drink more water! It seems like the simplest health advice to offer, but the most difficult to follow.

By alerting you when you haven’t drank enough water during the day and serving as a reminder to drink more, Waterminder can help you stay hydrated.


The  best apps for apple watch fitness give you lots of helpful tools to stay healthy. They help with workouts, keep an eye on your health, and make it easy to live a better life. These apps show how tech can make staying healthy simple


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