10 best apps to learn how to read

Among the many essential skills in our fast-paced and technology-focused society is reading, which remains a basic competence. Literacy levels grant access to knowledge, self-discovery, and further academic and career goals. Nevertheless, some people are less fortunate to be good readers, which can be due to not being exposed enough, having no motivation, or not having suitable teaching methods.

The fast growth of digital technology has become a wonderful and exciting experience – the e-reader. These innovative applications wield the essence of smartphones, tablets, and computers to develop interactive and personalized learning experiences that are uniquely and custom-made for individual needs and learning styles.

This blog post is all about the best apps to learn how to read and what you can expect to find in these apps. Whether you are a parent searching for supplementary learning tools for your child’s education, an adult learner trying to sharpen your reading skills, or an educator seeking effective teaching methods, this guide will guide all reading-related learning processes.

Why Use Reading Apps?

Why Use Reading Apps?

Best app to learn how to read offer numerous benefits that make them an attractive choice for individuals seeking to enhance their reading abilities:

 • Accessibility: To sum up, the availability of mobile devices, ranging from reading apps to being usable with no time and place restrictions, makes learning handy and flexible.

 • Personalization: Numerous reading apps can vary in difficulty level and the speed one learns, giving the user a distinct experience specific to their skill level and preferences.

 • Interactive and engaging: Games with reading apps usually have gamification aspects, audio, video, and interactive activities. Thus, the learning process becomes more entertaining as well as interesting.

 • Progress tracking: Most apps track how learners do, so learners receive feedback on their progress and continue working.

 • Catering to diverse learning styles: Users can benefit from easily accessible multimedia content through reading apps that address different learning styles and individual preferences.

Criteria for Selection

In curating the list of best apps to learn how to read, several crucial factors were considered taking into account how  on demand app development   companies like GMTA Online Solutions can execute such ideas. 

 • User ratings and reviews: Apps with consistently high ratings and positive user comments were given preference first, reflecting real-world experiences and effectiveness.

 • Features and functionality: The primary focus was on apps with a robust set of features, including phonics instruction, vocabulary building, exercises for comprehension, and progress tracking.

 • Ease of use: User-friendly interfaces, easy-to-use navigation, and proper content presentation for the target group were considered at all design development stages.

 • Effectiveness: Apps showing success in helping learners develop their reading skills through user reviews and research done in the educational field were highly selected.

Affordability: Among free and paid apps, preference was given to apps with great value or free ones with rich functionality.

Top 10 Apps to Learn How to Read



 • Description: Duolingo is the plural language learning system known to many, but it also has a special approach to the best apps to learn how to read. Duolingo facilitates the step-by-step understanding of vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structure. Due to this, reading proficiency is built gently.

 • Key Features: Like a gamified learning experience, personalized lessons, and progress tracking are integrated into the instruction.

 • Pricing: Offering a freemium model with an optional premium subscription for an ad-free experience and various other features.

 • Compatibility: It is available and accessible on the following devices – iOS, Android, and web browsers.

 • Unique Selling Point: Duolingo’s fascinating supporting interface and playful exercises will allow users to read and have fun as if playing a game. Therefore, users will be kept motivated and entertained.

Review: Duolingo’s unique approach seamlessly guides learners through vocabulary and grammar, fostering gradual reading proficiency with ease.



 • Description: ABCmouse is an educational platform for the younger set, in which the children can learn through playing while they are exposed to worksheets, reading, math, science, and more. Its best apps to learn how to read programs involve phonics, sight words, and comprehension through interactive activities and games.

 • Key Features: Organized curriculum, more than 10,000 enrichment activities, progress monitoring, and printable resources.

 • Pricing: Subscription-based subscription-based model, with a free trial available.

 • Compatibility: You can use it on computers, tablets, or smartphones to surf the Internet.

 • Unique Selling Point: ABCmouse offers a multi-method approach perfect for parents and teachers searching for a complete education module.

 • Review: ABCmouse makes learning fun for kids with interactive games and activities covering reading, math, and more. Great for teaching reading skills like phonics and sight words.

3.Starfall Learn to Read

 • Description: Starfall is one of the best apps to learn how to read, covering phonics and phoneme awareness, which is vital for pre-kindergarteners and early elementary school students. Interactive lessons, songs, and stories make this the best media for children to read actively.

 • Key Features: Sequential / Continue / Classes, animated characters, printable materials, audio support.

 • Pricing: Freemium model with only a small part of content available for free and a basic version or premium subscription for full access.

 • Compatibility: The applications are available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, besides browsers.

 • Unique Selling Point: A phonics-based curriculum and attractive, purpose-built platform make the app a darling of parents and teachers.

 • Review: Starfall is amazing for teaching kids to read! The interactive lessons and fun stories make learning phonics a breeze.

4.Hooked on Phonic

Hooked on Phonic

 • Description: Hooked on Phonics enjoys a longstanding reputation for success in reading instruction through its app, which is currently aimed at the digital arena. It provides the onset of lessons, practice, and e-books to take over phonics and sight words. Education app development companies like GMTA Software Solutions can execute such nuanced ideas for you.

 • Key Features: Scheduled courses, progress monitoring, interactive entertainment, printing materials.

 • Pricing: Subscription-based model that offers a free trial.

 • Compatibility: On iOS and Android systems.

 • Unique Selling Point: Hooked on Phonics uses a proven teaching method supplemented by its significant brand equity to provide high-impact and convenient app-based reading instruction.

 • Review: Hooked on Phonics app is a credible learning app. It’s simple, effective, and my kid loves it. Big shoutout to GMTA Online Solutions for making learning fun and accessible

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5.Reading Eggs

Description: Reading Eggs is an award-winning education app that is designed for kids aged 2-13 to master skills related to phonics, sight words, spelling, and comprehension. Various activities and engaging e-books are created for different learning styles.

 • Key Features: Students learn uniquely through individualized teaching, progress monitoring, motivational awards, and comprehensive reporting for parents.

 • Pricing: Subscription-based scheme offering a free trial.

 • Compatibility: Available on laptops, smartphones and tablets.

 •Unique Selling Point: Read Eggs is an immersive experience that meshes educational materials with exciting games and at the same time, engages students and teaches them reading love and literacy skills.

 • Review: Reading Eggs is fantastic for kids! They love fun activities and stories while learning important skills like reading and spelling.

6.Instructional Games & Reading Cards

 • Description: This is an app that teaches explicitly sight words that a child frequently encounters in the process of learning to read. It provides interactive activities such as games and flashcards with the aim of helping children see or memorize sight words with ease.

 • Key Features: Adjustable word lists, audio pronunciation of words, and progress tracking.

 • Pricing: Free with purchasable content offering in-app purchases.

 • Compatibility: Featuring the iOS and Android OS systems.

 • Unique Selling Point: Sight Words Learning Games & Flash Cards Reading Stimulates the learner to acquire sight words, a crucial stage in the beginning of reading.

• Review: Great app for kids learning to read! Several children love the games and it’s really helping them with sight words.

 7.Infinite Reader

 • Description: Infinite Reader sits among the best apps to learn how to read, features animated and puzzle games to teach sight words to the children and help them memorize them. It comprises word recognition and context to affirm vocabulary learning and reading comprehension.

 • Key Features: Bright colors, word games, audio pronunciations, word meanings.

 •Pricing: Freemium model with free content available and further in-app purchases to explore the other feature-rich packs.

 • Compatibility: Its capability of running on iPhone and Android platforms.

Review: Infinite Reader is fantastic for kids learning to read! With fun games and word recognition, it makes learning sight words a breeze.



 • Description: Another one of the best apps to learn how to read, Raz-Kids provides a vast collection of e-books of varying difficulty levels complemented by comprehension quizzes and a recording feature. It enables class teachers to provide differing materials adjusted to the reading level of each student which can help to individualize instruction.

 • Key Features: Leveled e-books, comprehension tests, audio support, and progress monitoring. E-books, comprehension tests, audio support, and progress monitoring.

 • Pricing: Free-trial subscription model which also gives an option of a free trial.

 •Compatibility: You can do that on laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

 • Unique Selling Point: With the Raz-Kids phonics and reading book sets, students can choose a leveled book according to their pace and enjoy help from seeing immediate feedback after each page they have read.

•  Review: Raz-Kids is fantastic for learning to read! With loads of books and quizzes, it’s perfect for teachers to personalize learning for every student


Description: Epic! Gives unlimited library access which users can download children’s books, audiobooks, and educational videos without any limitations. Its implementation of readers of all ages and interests even is the creation of personalized recommendations and reading logs.

 • Key Features: Routine library, personalized recommendations, offline reading, reading logs.

 • Pricing: Subscription-based model that comes with a trial period of one month free.

 • Compatibility: The IoT platform is available on iOS and Android devices and web browsers.

 • Unique Selling Point: Epic! Puts at readers’ disposal a wide range of top-level reading materials, nurturing reading enthusiasm via access to intriguing materials provided across multiple genres and topics.

• Review: With unlimited access to children’s books, audiobooks, and educational videos, it’s perfect for all ages. Personalized recommendations and reading logs make it even better

10. Read Me Stories

 • Description: The Read Me Stories book collection is tailored to help your children with their reading comprehension and vocabulary development on interactive storybooks. It contains the narrated stories with emphasis on the highlighted words for the clarity of the early readers.

 • Key Features: Audio stories; text highlighting; questions to know understanding, progress assessment.

 • Pricing: Freemium model with free stories upon availability and pay option for complete access.

 • Compatibility: The app is designed for iOS and Android operating systems.

 • Unique Selling Point: Ready, Set, Stories has a huge variety of delightful storybooks on the platform, which not only attracts kids but also strengthens grasping power of reading by featuring interactive features and comprehension activities.

 • Review: The Read Me Stories books are great for children! Kids love the interactive stories, and it’s really helping them improve their reading skills.

In-Depth Reviews

 • Raz-Kids


Raz-Kids differentiates itself by teaching a broad variety of literacy skills and topics. The app includes fiction, non-fiction, and poetry for varied interests and learning styles. Its adaptive learning system evaluates each user’s competency and delivers personalized suggestions and feedback to promote tailored learning paths.


Raz-Kid’s pricing model may deter customers seeking free or cheaper alternatives. The app has a free trial, but premium features and content need a subscription. Some users have experienced delayed loading times or crashes, although these appear few and isolated.

Feedback from Users

Raz-Kids has received great feedback from users, especially those wanting a complete and disciplined reading lesson. The best app to learn how to read selection and flexibility to adjust to their learning requirements. Parents and educators praise the app’s educational value and fascinating material for encouraging youngsters to read and learn independently.

 • Infinite Reader


Infinite Reader excels in early literacy development and strengthening basic reading abilities in young children. Early literacy. The app’s interactive games, activities, and tales help young learners learn phonics, sight words, and understanding. Its bright and fun UI engages kids while teaching them.


Infinite Reader has less material than other reading applications. The software covers core reading skills well, but users may want more exercises and resources to stay engaged. Lagging or freezing while gaming has been observed by certain users, however, these are rare.

Feedback from Users

Most users, especially parents and educators seeking interactive and instructional activities for young children, have given excellent feedback. The app’s child-friendly UI and play-based learning appeal to many users. Parents praise the software for helping their children learn early reading and succeed in school.

 • Reading Excursions


Reading Adventures is the best app for learning interactive reading instructions. The app has tales and activities for beginners and expert readers of all ages and reading abilities. Colorful and visually attractive design attracts users, while interactive components like games and quizzes make learning interesting.


Compared to other reading applications, Reading Adventures has less material. High-quality and well-designed tales and activities may leave customers wanting more variation. Other users have noticed occasional technical difficulties or defects, although they are minimal and do not affect the user experience.

Feedback from Users

Reading Adventures users have raved about the app’s ability to improve reading abilities and inspire a love of learning. Parents and educators praise the app’s educational value and easy design for engaging youngsters and encouraging independent reading. Some users have also praised the app’s cost and value compared to competitors.

 • Phonics Fun


Phonics Fun is excellent for young learners just starting to acquire reading because of its phonics-based education. Literacy development is supported by the app’s systematic teaching of phonics fundamentals, which include letter-sound connections and decoding skills. The entertaining games and activities help kids gain reading confidence and fluency.


Phonics Fun may lack the breadth of other reading programs. Early readers benefit from the app’s focus on phonics, but others may find it weak in comprehension and vocabulary. Specific consumers also desire a more visually pleasing interface and more interactive and customizable aspects.

Feedback from Users

Most Phonics Fun users, especially parents and educators wanting a systematic and effective phonics method, have given excellent feedback. The app’s simple, straightforward training has been lauded by users for supporting youngsters of all skill levels. Several users have recommended adding new activities and personalization possibilities to make the app more appealing and versatile.

Additional Tips for Learning How to Read

 • Read Regularly: Schedule time to read books, articles, or TV subtitles. Reading exposes you to diverse terminology, phrase patterns, and writing styles.

 • Reading starts with phonics. Improve your letter and letter combination recognition and pronunciation by practicing phonics.

 • Read comprehension: Understanding written content requires reading comprehension. Summarize, answer questions, and link concepts to increase understanding.

 • Request Feedback: Tell friends, family, and instructors about your reading progress. Critical feedback may help you improve your reading abilities.

 • Stay Consistent: Reading takes time and consistency. Set attainable objectives, stick to your study schedule, and applaud your success.

Additional Tips for Learning How to Read

 • Read Regularly: Schedule time to read books, articles, or TV subtitles. Reading exposes you to diverse terminology, phrase patterns, and writing styles.

 • Reading starts with phonics: Improve your letter and letter combination recognition and pronunciation by practicing phonics.

 • Read comprehension: Understanding written content requires reading comprehension. Summarize, answer questions, and link concepts to increase understanding.

 • Request Feedback: Tell friends, family, and instructors about your reading progress. Critical feedback may help you improve your reading abilities.

 • Stay Consistent: Reading takes time and consistency. Set attainable objectives, stick to your study schedule, and applaud your success.

How GMTA  Creates Solutions To Online Learning App Development

GMTA Online Solutions understands the need for a streamlined app ecosystem for learning apps. It considers the intricacies required to create learning apps that specialize in providing features enabling how to read. The company hosts a team of professional developers who study each app development requirement in detail and provide an in-depth plan dedicated to learning apps that aid how to read. With problem-solving skills and aptitude to develop key user-driven apps, GMTA Online Solutions stands tall in the app development industry across the globe.