Best voice recorder apps free for IOS & Android

A trustworthy voice recording app on your iPhone and android  is essential, whether you’re using it to send a voice memo, record a brief moment of inspiration, or just capture the adorable thing your child is saying. However, there are a tonne of iPhone recording apps available, many of which are subpar, and each one has advantages and disadvantages of its own.

I searched the market for the top voice recorder apps for iphone because of this. After eliminating a number of subpar choices, I thoroughly tested nearly some apps. These top recording apps for iPhone and android , based on that experience, make audio recording simpler, clearer, and more effective.

Why is an excellent voice recorder on an iPhone so great?


I looked through the internet and Apple’s app store to find highly rated applications before beginning my hunt for the voice recorder app free iPhone. I didn’t test any apps for podcasting or music production because my objective was to test apps that the average person would use on a daily basis, like voice memos. While I was testing, though, I did consider other possible applications, such as creating voiceovers for social media or conducting interviews that you might want to look back on.

These are the primary features I looked for in each app during my tests:

Usability. The goal of voice recording on an iPhone should not be to cause inconvenience; on the contrary. Every iPhone sound recorder on this list needed to be simple to use and navigate.

sound quality. I listened for the clarity and sharpness of the audio. (I also searched for other options, such as varying sample rates, bit depths, or even the choice to record in mono or stereo, to improve the quality or alter the sound.)

Options for exporting audio. I examined the variety of platforms (like Dropbox, Google Drive) and file types (like WAV, MP3) that are available for directly exporting and storing audio.

ability to take notes. An added bonus was the ability to take notes while recording or mark specific locations in audio clips with markers.

features for editing. Even if you only occasionally use these apps, you might want to remove the six minutes of pocket sounds you unintentionally recorded when you thought you had hit stop, or at the very least, reduce the whitespace at the start of your recording. Bonus features included splitting, pitching, merging, and noise reduction.

Worth. The majority of the apps on this list can be downloaded for free, offer free plans, or are reasonably priced given the features they offer.

Best voice recorder apps for iPhone 

1. Apple Voice Memos

For the occasional recorder, Apple’s Voice Memos app is a fantastic choice. One benefit for iPhone users is that the app is pre-installed. Even then, all you have to do to use it is open the app and begin recording—no registration or login required.

Although there are no controls for sound quality, the sound you receive will be clear and crisp as long as you’re in a reasonably quiet area. I could hear my voice clearly over distant background noise without any annoying buzzing or other background noise. Basic editing options include the ability to adjust the playback speed, skip silences, trim, and even further enhance your recording—which, if you listen carefully, eliminates the white noise that is already hardly audible in recordings.

It’s also easy to organise recordings: you can make custom folders to keep your recordings organised, or you can click the heart icon to add a recording to a Favourites folder.

For someone who prefers simplicity, the app is ideal, which is why I frequently use it to record voiceovers and meetings.

Apple Voice Memos pricing: Free

2. Voice Record Pro

Voice Record Pro is the app for you if you’re a stickler for details and know how to adjust the bit depth, sample rate, or encode quality in your audio.

Apart from the numerous customisation options, I liked that I could adjust the playback volume without using another app, which is something I usually have to do. Equalisers, echoes, and reverb are just a few of the filters and effects you can apply to recordings. You can select a preset level that spans from low to high in terms of sound quality. I started with the medium quality setting, and even though I could clearly hear my voice, there was still a buzzing background noise. The sound became significantly crisper after selecting the high quality option.

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In addition, Voice Record Pro offers a wide range of export options, such as direct export to Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, SoundCloud, and YouTube in addition to the standard email and SMS options.

One of the few apps on the list that lets you annotate your recordings is this one. Simply slide to the right of a recording, select the notes icon, and begin typing to accomplish this. The ability to automatically add in additional text—such as the date, time, device type, address, or location—by selecting the corresponding option is something that I found to be very handy

In general, I believe the app is as good as its name suggests.

Voice Record Pro pricing: Free; $6.99 for the ad-free version

3.AudioNote 2

With AudioNote 2, you can annotate your recordings in a multitude of ways, including typing, sketching, underlining, and even snapping a photo to go along with the recording. Furthermore, it’s not too difficult to figure out even with all those options.

It also covers every other fundamental. For instance, trimming is simple if you accidentally hit the stop button while recording. Just open the audio clip, move the sliders to the start or end time, and then click trim. There are three options available for sound quality: Pro, High, and default. The default quality, which is a little fuzzy, is what you get with a free plan. I was able to access the much cleaner High and Pro options after I upgraded. After a free one-month trial, the cost is just $9.99/year, which is well worth it considering the app’s other features and improved sound quality.

For anyone who wants to record something like a lecture or interview and take notes alongside it, AudioNote 2 is probably the best option. If you would rather begin your daily journaling with your voice, that might also work well. It’s the ideal tool for combining.

Pricing: Free; $9.99/year for better sound quality options

4.ShurePlus MOTIV

ShurePlus The parent company of MOTIV, Shure, sells a variety of microphones that are compatible with the app. However, you can get excellent sound quality out of this one without using any additional hardware.

There are several levels of sound quality, the highest being at 24-bit depth for a 48kHz sample rate and the lowest being at 16-bit depth for a 44.1kHz sound rate. I discovered that the lowest quality option was already very clear and crisp; there was no background noise, very little ambient sound, just clean audio, so I didn’t even need to switch to the highest quality. To improve the audio even further, you can convert it. There are five options available, including AAC 96Kbps, which is generally used for speech or low-quality streaming, and AAC 128Kbps, which is used for high-quality streaming.

The ability to add markers to the recordings in order to identify particular locations within the audio is another minor but distin ctive feature of this app. Because you can split and trim audio, this is especially useful for longer recordings, in my opinion.

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When it comes to exporting, ShurePlus MOTIV offers the standard sharing options for iPhone users, but you can also save your audio as a video to your camera roll, complete with an accompanying graphic from the app. That seemed like a nice added benefit.

Pricing: Free


Say&Go is an intriguing app on this list because, in contrast to the others, you have little control over the recording process, though that’s not always a bad thing.

Say&Go’s purpose is to give you the ability to jot down extremely brief notes while you go about your day, as the name would imply. The app records as soon as you launch it, giving you seven seconds to say your piece, unless you extend the recording period to sixty seconds (you can change this seven-second limit to up to fifteen seconds in the settings). You can click to skip if you’re not ready to record.

Although the walkthrough provided by it initially caught me off guard, it does have a nice, interactive tutorial and plenty of instructions. And as you go along, everything begins to make more sense. The sound quality isn’t adjustable, but it’s still quite clear. Not only can you share your recordings via Apple, but you can also upload them straight to Dropbox or Evernote.

Setting alerts for recordings is another helpful feature that can be used to simply remind yourself to return to and listen to your audio notes. Say&Go is a fantastic tool for taking notes on the go, as I find it difficult to even take 60 seconds to jot down notes throughout the day. I could review my memos at the end of the day and regroup by using the alert feature.

Say&Go pricing: $2.99

Best Free Voice Recording Apps for Android Devices


1. Easy Voice Recorder Pro

As the name of the app implies, recording for a variety of uses is simple. All you have to do is open the app and begin recording audio again. You can compress the recorded audio with Easy Voice Recorder Pro, and there is no time limit on your recordings. If you need to record lengthy talks or lectures, that is ideal. Additionally, if you want to improve the audio quality of the recordings you’re making, you can pair the app with an external microphone. In addition to allowing you to email recordings, the app allows you to store recordings on Dropbox or Google Drive.

Price: $3.99

2. Smart Recorder – High-quality voice recorder

For all Android users who wish to use voice recorders, the ultimate goal is to easily capture high-quality audio recordings. The Smart Recorder app, one of the greatest free voice recorder app for Android, offers a tonne of features that let users record audio in high quality even in challenging situations. This app has over 10 million installs for a reason—some of which include features like the Live Audio Spectrum Analyzer, microphone gain calibration, and automatic and manual sensitivity control in Skip Silence mode. It should be noted, though, that this app is unable to produce audio files larger than 2 GB.

Price: Free, but contains ads and offers in-app purchases

3. RecForge II Audio Recorder

Installing RecForge II Audio Recorder on your Android device is something you should think about if you’re looking for a voice recorder that lets you adjust bit rates, sample rates, codecs, and whether to record in mono or stereo. With the app, you can manually adjust the gain, connect various kinds of external microphones, and schedule recordings. All audio files you record and edit with this app can also have their pitch, tempo, and playback rate changed. The RecForge II Audio Recorder uses very little battery life and keeps working even when you are using other apps.

Price: Free, but contains ads

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4. Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder

With the Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder, you can record lengthy lectures, interviews, and any other kind of voice recording without any prior audio recording experience. The longest recording you can create with the app’s free version is 10 minutes. For this reason, if you want to record hours of content straight from your phone, you need to upgrade to the Pro version of Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder. The best part is that all app versions automatically free up space on your device by uploading recordings to Dropbox or Google Drive.

Price: Free

5. Voice Recorder

Voice Recorder might be among your greatest choices if you’re searching for an app that lets you record lectures, business meetings, or interviews. With no limitations, you can record audio files and use the Audio Spectrum Analyzer to see the sounds. While the recording session is running, you can carry out other tasks and save battery life because the app keeps recording in the background even when the phone’s screen is off. You can share your audio recordings on Facebook and WhatsApp or send them via SMS, email, and the Messenger app thanks to Voice Recorder’s extensive file-sharing features.

Price: Free, but contains ads

How to record audio on iPhone & Android 

It may be time to move to voice recording instead of frantically hunting for that elusive notepad and ending up writing on the back of your sushi receipt.

You can record informational interviews, nuggets of wisdom, and even nuggets of nothing-close-to-wisdom with all six of these apps. However, each one targets a slightly different user base, so choose two or three that look like they could be a good fit for you and give them a try. Because ultimately, the method that feels the most natural to you is the best one for recording audio on an iPhone.


Q.How do I record my voice on my iPhone or Android?

Start the Voice Recorder application.

To begin recording, tap the Microphone icon or the Record button.

To end the recording, tap the Stop button.

Save your audio file with a name.

To edit or trim your audio recording, use the editing tool.

You can share or save the edited file to your device.

Q.Is there a free voice recorder for iPhone?

A.Voice Memos is a feature that transforms your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch into a portable audio recorder. This allows you to easily record and share lectures in the classroom, family moments, and personal notes. With editing tools like replace and trim, you can make your recordings better.

Q.Which app is best for secret voice recording?

A.Voice Recorder with Smart Features.

Fantastic Voice Recorder.

Call Recorder on Autopilot.

Spy recorder for voice recordings.

GOM Recorder.

Q.Can I record audio on iPhone?

A.With the help of the Voice Memos feature, your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch can be used as a portable audio recorder. This makes it simple to record and distribute personal notes, family moments, and lectures from the classroom. You can improve your recordings by using editing tools like replace and trim.

Q.Is there a free voice recorder?

For free, users of Android and iPhone can download Rev’s Voice Recorder app. You can easily record audio in high quality using your smartphone, edit the files right in the app, and share the files with us for transcription. Download our app from your preferred app store to get your voice recorder for free.