Best 15+ Top Location Tracking Apps in 2024

Better connection with loved ones and more security are two of the most significant benefits of Location Tracking Apps, which can also help you find new eateries and receive personalized advertisements. If you’re looking for a way to share your location with loved ones, this guide will shed light on location tracking and what factors to consider.

What are Location-Tracking Apps & How do they Work?

What are Location-Tracking Apps

Locators keep tabs on where things and people go. You have probably used location tracking technology in a map tool like Google Maps or a navigation app like Waze to obtain instructions for a particular place.

Throughout this manual, we use the phrases “location tracking” and “location sharing” interchangeably; nevertheless, in a technical sense:

One example of such technology is location tracking, which follows the whereabouts and motion of items and people.

When a mobile device transmits its GPS location, it is called location sharing.

How Location Tracking Apps Work?

Mobile number location monitoring apps use GPS technology to determine an exact location. Interconnected satellite networks form the basis of the Global Positioning System (GPS). Each satellite transmits signals down to the planet for GPS receivers on Earth to compare send-and-receive times. The program can determine the distance between a satellite and its stored device by comparing the two. The software uses this information to determine the device’s precise location.

This system can track, record, and share worldwide positions in real time for GPS-enabled devices including smartphones, tablets, automobiles, pet trackers, and more. 

Types of Tracking Location Apps

Types of Tracking Location Apps

Map apps

With GPS, map apps can pinpoint specific locations on a map. They can pinpoint almost anything, from the exact location of the Eiffel Tower to the closest grocery store, hospital, etc. You can hire Mobile App Development Companies for Startups to make an app like this.

Cell-Phone trackers

Phone tracking apps use global positioning systems to find a device. To keep tabs on a specific individual, these applications must be installed on both devices.

Ride-Hailing Apps

It is possible to track the exact whereabouts of both the driver and the passenger using cab booking apps, which provide a comprehensive map. The driver and the passenger may see the roads ahead of them, the expected arrival time, traffic conditions, and more.

News and Weather apps

These Location Tracking Apps track your position and retrieve data from weather stations, radar systems, and satellites. They then deliver precise reports of weather conditions, including temperature, rainfall, wind speed and direction, and more.

Car location tracking apps

Car location tracking apps will provide you with real-time updates regarding the location of your car.

Public transport location apps

You can input details about your needs into these location tracking apps iphone, such as when and where you’ll travel. These apps take in data like when and where to book public transport, what routes it will take, how long the trip will be, and more.

List of 15 + Best Location Tracking Apps

Best Location Tracking Apps

Location Tracking Apps Best for Stand Out Feature Pricing
1 mSpy It helps to monitor the location of children and elderly relatives It efficiently tracks real-time location with GPS tracking. Free
2 Eyezy Offers a dependable way to improve safety and establish smooth communications. Using the pinpoint tool, you can get the most precise information about someone's location. 47.99/month
3 OtoZen The software tracks your location and enables you to talk to loved ones hands-free. One-touch detection of accidents $9.99 Duo $10.99 Family $12.99 Family Plus
4 iSharing You can discreetly track loved ones in real time. This top-rated location tracking tool allows for real-time monitoring. Free
5 Scalefusion Enables IT managers to monitor all their devices running any operating system Tracking and geofencing actions may be quickly reported in detail. From a free trial to $6
6 Google Maps Its intuitive design and many configuration choices meet all your needs for precise, real-time position tracking. Automatic rerouting according to current traffic conditions Free
7 Life360 Maintain tabs on your friend's or child's Locations in real time, without their permission. The ability to form exclusive groups known as "Circles" $1.5 - $4.99
8 Glympse Location-sharing and monitoring tools. Prompt aid in times of crisis or when stranded Free
9 FamiSafe You may set up your virtual no-go zones on mobile devices Notifications of suicidal thoughts, cyberbullying, and explicit material in real-time Free
10 Find360 Has a built-in map and notifications that let you monitor linked phones in real time. By making a circle, you can add folks and keep tabs on each other's locations. Free
11 Find My Friends Users may simply share and track whereabouts across several cell phones with a Google location-sharing link. Notifies and warns users when a device is located Free
12 Waze Assists users in finding routes and provides traffic updates. Learn about upcoming construction, police checkpoints, and other traffic issues with the help of our alert system. Free
13 FollowMee Fully compatible with PCs and more. Operates autonomously, free from ads and interruptions. Free
14 TrackView Keeping in touch with friends and family Audiovisual recording from a distance. Free
15 AirDroid It’s built-in robust GPS tracking lets you know where your loved ones are Keeps track of past locations 200MB of remote data quota monthly
16 Safe and Found Automatically alert parents whenever a family member enters or departs the designated area. Keep an eye on mobile phones, tablets, and wifi-enabled gadgets Free
17 Familo You can always see where your loved ones are on a map and get notifications whenever they arrive or go This top-rated phone tracker app comes with a panic button—and it's free! · Familo Weekly Subscription B$11.99 · Familo Quarterly Subscription$39.99 · Familo Yearly Subscription$59.99 · Familo Monthly Subscription$9.99 Monthly fees range from $4.4 - $19.99
18 Verizon You can monitor and control what your child accesses online by locating their device and implementing browser and app filters. Tracking device with a global positioning system Free
19 GeoZila You can monitor someone’s daily activities and know exactly where they have been. Provides free emergency notifications. Monthly fees range from $4.4 - $19.99

 1. mSpy – Popular for tracking someone

mSpy wasn’t a top location-tracking tool when it launched in 2010. This free app lets you monitor your child’s smartphone activity without their consent.
mSpy sends your child’s GPS location so you may track them all day. One of the best phone trackers, it has 25+ features like GPS tracking, call recording, and SMS monitoring. 

Thanks to its innovative and practical monitoring approach, mSpy is the top free GPS phone tracker app for iOS and Android users. To secretly keep tabs on your child’s phone without them knowing, download this top-rated location tracking app android and install it on their device.

The most critical Key Aspects of On Demand App Development, the most excellent free phone monitoring tool

Use GPS tracking to monitor where anything is at all times

Get names, phone numbers, and call logs, among other things

Keep tabs on every text message sent and received, as well as their online activity

Use this top-rated, accessible location-tracking app to block unwanted calls

Go through your child’s gallery to see their saved photographs and videos

2. Eyezy – Track Your Location using GPS

Eyezy GPS Location Tracker, one of the top Location Tracking Apps, offers a dependable way to improve safety and establish smooth communications. You can receive a comprehensive report of anyone’s mobile phone behavior using the app’s advanced monitoring tool.

To enable position monitoring and sharing in real-time, Eyezy makes use of cutting-edge GPS technology. The development idea for the Eyezy GPS Tracking App is helpful for many reasons, including ensuring loved ones are safe, finding the most efficient ways to go, and organizing get-togethers. It unites safety and connectivity with an intuitive UI.

When it comes to parental control apps for smartphones, Eyezy is among the most popular options, and it’s also the finest accessible location tracker app. Apps that track location in real time allow parents to keep tabs on their children’s social media and other app usage.

Notable features of Eyezy, top software for keeping tabs on your child’s phone

Using the pinpoint tool, you can get the most precise information about someone’s location.

A social spotlight that records and organizes your discussions

It’s possible to record every keystroke on a particular device.

With geofencing and real-time location tracking, you can set up personalized alerts.

3. OtoZen: The Top Mobile Phone Tracker App


Regarding apps that monitor where drivers go, OtoZen is right up there with the best of them. This programme was created to decrease careless and aggressive driver accidents. The software tracks your location and enables you talk to loved ones hands-free.

By notifying users of impending dangers like speeding and excessive phone use, OtoZen aims to lessen drivers’ reliance on their devices. Enjoy the safest and most pleasurable driving with this app. This app’s best feature is eliminating distractions to keep you alert and informed. You can hire Mobile App Development Services to make an app like this.

Features of the straightforward location-tracking app OtoZen

One-touch detection of accidents

Lessens the likelihood of driver distractions

Data security and privacy are upheld.

Gaining knowledge to enhance conduct

Allows for communication without using both hands

4. iSharing – Free phone tracking applications 

You and your loved ones may rest easy knowing that iSharing, the top gps tracker detector app, has specifically tailored features to keep you safe. One of the most excellent monitoring applications is a GPS tracker that you can use to discreetly track loved ones in real time.

One of the top Location Tracking Apps for Android and iOS also has features like nearby warnings, panic alerts, and notifications whenever your loved one departs or arrives at a specific location.  

An excellent gps tracker with app for iOS and Android devices, iSharing also has many other valuable features, such as sending location alerts, panic alarms, driving reports, etc. By 2023 standards, it is among the best cell phone tracking applications thanks to its feature set and user-friendliness. 

 Features of iSharing: the top app for tracking where you go 

This top-rated, free location tracking tool allows for real-time monitoring. 

Notifies you automatically when a loved one is close by 

Capability to transmit safety warnings 

Find out where your ancestors have been by looking at their records. 

Find a misplaced or stolen phone. 

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5. Scalefusion 

One user experience management (UEM) system, Scalefusion, allows for enterprise-wide device location tracking. Scalefusion enables IT managers to monitor all their devices running any operating system, including Windows, iOS, macOS, Android, and more. Centralized device tracking is made possible. 

Businesses can rest easy knowing their data and devices are secure using Scalefusion’s location tracking. Even if the gadget is turned off, location monitoring can still determine its last known location in the case of theft or loss. Consequently, important company data can be remotely secured by locking the device and erasing its contents. 

Device location tracking can improve management, troubleshooting, and security for both frontline and remote staff. Organizations may optimize resource utilization and device tracking with Scalefusion’s geofence feature. To enhance the effectiveness of frontline employees in field operations, administrators can set the operational radius, track devices’ movement within or outside of that area, and more. After that, administrators can configure automatic notifications for when a device enters or leaves the designated geographic area and receive warnings for geofence breaches. Web and App Development Services can assist you to make an app like this.

 Characteristics of Scalefusion 

A dashboard allows one to monitor in real-time 

It only takes one click to Enforcing location tracking settings across your devices only takes one click. 

Tracking and geofencing actions may be quickly reported in detail. 

Respond to location tracking or geofencing policy violations by taking appropriate measures, such as disabling access to specific features. 

6. Google Maps – One of the best live tracking apps 

Google Maps stands head and shoulders above the others among the many great and widely used family phone tracker apps for iOS and Android. Apple Maps and Google Maps stand out for their unique capabilities among the best location tracking app free. But now that Google Maps has the ‘ share location’ feature, it’s even more accurate and dependable than before, making it one of the top phone tracking applications. Its intuitive design and many configuration choices meet all your needs for precise, real-time position tracking. 

In addition to current and previous locations, Google’s location tracking software displays them on a timeline. Among other things, the free GPS location app lets you control sharing settings and monitor commute times. For instance, you have some say over the duration and who gets to share the role. Google Maps is an absolute need for those using an iPhone or Android due to all these capabilities. 

Google Maps is one of the most excellent free Location Tracking Apps for Android and iOS users. It offers real-time traffic updates, satellite views, and the best navigation routes. 

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 Features of the top Google Maps 

Up-to-the-minute travel times and traffic reports 

Get directions and schedule updates in real-time 

Automatic rerouting according to current traffic conditions 

Quickly find your route using indoor maps and more 

7. Life360 – One of the top apps for tracking where you go

Among the most dependable and straightforward location tracker apps available. Using the free phone tracker app, you can quickly and cleverly maintain tabs on your friend’s or child’s whereabouts in real time, even without their permission. 

Messages within the app and the ability to share your location across platforms are further features of the Life360 mobile tracker. If you prefer that your current location not be shared, you may disable the sharing feature in this top family locator software. With a base price of $1.5, you may get this top Android monitoring app for free, and a premium plan starts at $4.99. 

Also, if you’re looking for a free phone finder app with all the essential features, Life360 is your best bet. In 2023, it ranked among the best Location Tracking Apps.  

 Features of Life360, a free tool for monitoring mobile devices 

The ability to form exclusive groups known as “Circles” 

Members’ current locations displayed in real-time 

Locates misplaced or stolen phones 

The user can reach a representative by phone with just one touch, among other features 

8. Glympse – Top-notch Android phone tracking app

When you want to know which app can trace someone’s whereabouts the most, Glympse is your best bet. Built from the ground up to provide real-time tracking, this software has quickly become one of the most widely used location-sharing and monitoring tools. 

Even though it lacks stealth mode, this top free phone monitoring software has many additional features, including in-app messaging, navigation choices, geo-fencing, location sharing without downloads, and immediate alerts. 

Free and available for iOS and Android, this phone tracker app supports cross-platform location sharing and lets you manually toggle location tracking on and off without asking for permission. You can Create a mobile app like this.

 What makes Glympse stand out as one of the top applications for tracking people’s Location

Sharing locations in real-time with an interactive map 

Prompt aid in times of crisis or when stranded 

ETA should be included in a polite notice. 

This top-rated, free location tracking tool does not require registration. 

9. FamiSafe: The Top App for Sharing Locations 

Whether it’s your children or elderly relatives dealing with memory loss, FamiSafe can help you follow their phone discreetly. Features such as geofencing, intelligent parental control settings, app blocker & web filtering, location tracking, web filtering, screen time restriction, and emergency notifications are available with Famisafe, a top phone tracking app for Android and iOS. 

With geofencing, you may set up your virtual no-go zones on mobile devices, such as the school your children attend or the doctor’s office where your grandparents live. This top-notch iPhone tracking software will notify you whenever your child or grandparent enters or exits the designated area. 

Effortlessly stay updated on the locations of your loved ones with this fantastic location tracker. Famisafe, named the top accessible location tracking app, is cross-platform (iOS and Android) and offers a free trial period of three days. 

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 The most critical aspects of FamiSafe, the top free phone tracking app 

Monitor children’s social media apps for inappropriate content 

Notifications of suicidal thoughts, cyberbullying, and explicit material in real-time 

This top-rated phone tracker app allows you to get accessible, customizable warning terms. 

Notifications regarding recognized photos in real-time and more 

10. Find360 – The top app for tracking location

With its many useful features, Find360 is one of the top Location Tracking Apps. The location monitoring software has a built-in map and notifications that let you monitor linked phones in real time. 

On top of that, you can check out the linked user’s driving habits once a week. With this top location monitoring software, you can see the current status of the person’s phone, so you can tell if they’re busy or quiet.  

Find360 is among the best free phone tracking applications, so you can add another layer of protection for your children or patients who need constant monitoring. One of the extra advantages is the ability to record the location history of the linked phone, so you can always know where your loved ones congregate. 

 Features worth noting about the location tracker software Find360 

There is no cost to use this top-rated tracking software for Android. 

The ability to view places in real-time 

Receive CarCrash warnings instantly 

By making a circle, you can add folks and keep tabs on each other’s locations. 

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11. Family locator – Top app for tracking people’s location

Anyone worried about their loved ones’ whereabouts and safety can download this free phone tracker program and use it without their knowledge or consent. The top Android tracking software is like having an extra set of eyes keeping a check on your loved ones around the clock. This top-rated iPhone tracking software lets you share your position with family members and sends notifications when you’re close to your destinations. 

This top phone tracking app also lets you view your recorded location history and other statistics for free. If your phone goes missing, you can also utilize it to locate it. Create areas on your maps and receive alerts when new ones become available. Is there a good app to monitor a person’s whereabouts? I have several pals who are curious. You have my unqualified recommendation for the top iPhone tracking app. 

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Notable features of Family Locator, best location tracking app

Notifications upon arrival at specified locations 

Tracking done by zones 

Establish exclusive clubs 

Monitor misplaced or stolen gadgets. 

12. Find My Friends – No Cost GPS Monitoring 

Find My Friends is the most popular family messaging and location alert app for iOS and Android. Thanks to its one-of-a-kind features and functionalities, users can simply keep tabs on the whereabouts of those they care about in real-time. Users can also see when their loved ones depart or arrive at a specific spot.  

Another feature of this family tracker software is its seamless interaction with navigation systems found in autos. Users may simply share and track whereabouts across several cell phones with a Google location-sharing link. You may add anyone to the Find My pals app and track their whereabouts, whether it’s your parents, children, or close pals.  

Viewing and receiving notifications regarding different locations is made easy for all users. Its location-based services are indispensable for complete peace of mind while venturing outside the house. Travelers may rest easy knowing they can keep themselves and those they care about secure with this GPS location app. You can use Life360’s free version or select a subscription plan that suits your needs.  

 Features that set the free location-tracking software Find My Friends apart 

Built to work with Google Maps 

Optional real-time location sharing 

Notifies and warns users when a device is located 

Compatibility with all versions of Android is guaranteed 

13. The Top Phone Tracking App: Waze 


Waze is a GPS program that assists users in finding routes and provides traffic updates; it is one of the best accessible location trackers available. The GPS tracker software has a lot of valuable functions, like finding parking spots so you won’t get a ticket, alerting you when there’s construction along your route, and more. 

The top tracking software lets you listen to your favorite music controlled by voice commands. Since it is the top family tracking app, it values its users’ privacy. A loved one’s location must be shared with you so you can use this top monitoring tool to keep tabs on them. That way, you can keep tabs on them temporarily in real-time. 

This accessible location software lets users get the most excellent navigation routes by employing real-time data. In addition, you can monitor any changes in traffic, speed traps, or other potential roadblocks before you reach your location. This means that Waze will be a top GPS location tracker app in 2023.  

 Features that set Waze apart as a top GPS phone tracking app 

A worldwide community of more than 130 million users 

Learn about upcoming construction, police checkpoints, and other traffic issues with the help of our alert system. 

Find other Waze users in real-time by asking for their location 

Choosing reliable contacts is the first step in sharing your location. 

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14. FollowMee: A No-Cost App to Track Your Phone 

Regarding tracking apps that provide fast location-sharing choices, FollowMee is your best bet for iOS and Android. In contrast to competing GPS location tracker apps for iOS and Android, FollowMee is fully compatible with PCs and more. 

Thanks to its adaptable geo-location technology, it lets users keep tabs on moving targets and do predictive analyses. You can share your current location and ask other users to do the same.  

The FollowMee app lets users connect numerous devices to a single profile. Users can conveniently view the location map as a “group” with this functionality. It is the app of choice for several reasons, including being one of the most secure location apps for both iOS and Android. More than that, the FollowMee app lets you see and download comprehensive reports about the geo-site, live tracking, state residence, and more. 

 Features worth mentioning in the free smartphone location tracker FollowMee 

Installing and using it is entirely risk-free. 

Form a group for exchanging locations, either publicly or privately. 

Operates autonomously, free from ads and interruptions 

Makes GPS work with Windows, Android, and iOS devices. 

15. TrackView: The Top App for Tracking Your Location 

Look no further than TrackView if you are seeking a top-notch, portable, and free phone tracker app that can always keep an eye on your loved ones’ whereabouts. You can keep tabs on your loved ones wherever they go with the help of the TrackView mobile phone location tracker app, which transforms their computers, tablets, or smartphones into a networked IP camera equipped with a GPS tracker. 

Features like geo-fencing, real-time device position monitoring, a web-based interface for remote access, stealth mode, access to social media feeds, and more are available in this top accessible location tracking app. This is a top-notch GPS tracker that lets you know where the target device has been in the past and lets you capture audio and video remotely. 

This is the most excellent and dependable free phone tracker app for keeping in touch with friends and family; premium plans start at $2.99, and the ultimate edition costs $54.99. If you don’t want to pay for the premium features, you can still enjoy the many free ones with TrackView. 

 Highlights of TrackView, a top app for finding someone 

The top free app for tracking your location 

Audiovisual recording from a distance 

Make use of your gadgets as an IP camera 

Obtain a GPS tracker by utilizing this top-notch Apple tracking app. 

16. The Top Cell Phone Tracker: AirDroid 


If you own an Android smartphone and want to remotely monitor it, AirDroid is one of the top tracking apps for iPhone. The AirDroid mobile tracker’s built-in robust GPS tracking lets you know where your loved ones are. 

With this top family tracking app, you can view their precise whereabouts on a map and get status updates in real-time. In addition, this free web tool for mobile tracking has features like geofencing, so you can set up a perimeter around them and get alerts and notifications the second they go outside of it. 

Furthermore, the top accessible location tracking software has features like screen time restriction, a game blocker, screen mirroring, and the ability to receive notifications from your child’s phone directly on your own. 

 Key elements of AirDroid, a top-tier tool for monitoring mobile devices on both iOS and Android 

Discover the top tracking app for iPhone with real-time GPS location services. 

Keeps track of past locations 

Keep tabs on the kid’s environment while you’re away 

Use screen mirroring and sync app notifications to keep tabs on what you’re up to online. 

Limit your children’s access to specific applications. 

Use the Top Mobile Tracker App—Safe and Found—Without Spending a Dime! 

The top free internet app for mobile tracking that allows you to monitor each child’s phone is Safe and Found by Sprint. With this software, parents can easily keep tabs on their children’s gadget usage and set limits on what they may access online. Every family member can use the app on any device they own. Together, Safe and Found make it possible to trace a person’s whereabouts in real-time. 

This tool also makes it easy to add new family members. Your house, school, or other designated safe place can be quickly and easily added or edited. Automatically alert parents whenever a family member enters or departs the designated area. Additionally, you can remotely erase all data, lock the device, or even ring it to help you find it. 

One of the best features of this iPhone monitoring software is the SOS button, which lets you instantly notify everyone in your family of any critical situation. When organizing your family’s digital media, this software covers you from start to finish. 

 Safe and Found is a top accessible location tracker app with several notable features

Keep an eye on mobile phones, tablets, and wifi-enabled gadgets 

The most excellent phone tracker app comes with an SOS button and is free. 

Monitoring whereabouts in real-time 

Having complete authority over digital content 

Find and get devices that have gone missing 

17. Familo: The Top Android Tracking App 

Thanks to its sophisticated design and development, Familo can monitor and follow the other synced device’s activities in real time. This software is one of the most excellent location-tracking applications because it is available on iOS and Android and has a lot of valuable functions. 

If you’re a parent looking for a way to keep tabs on your kids’ whereabouts and activity while they’re online, this is the app for you. You can always see where your loved ones are on a map and get notifications whenever they arrive or go with this top-notch, free tracker software. 

Members can communicate in a private family chat, and there’s an SOS button to share emergency locations. You may use the app anonymously and choose who can see your location. 

 What makes Familo stand out as a top mobile location tracker app 

Complete protection for your loved ones at all times 

This top-rated phone tracker app comes with a panic button—and it’s free! 

Various sets 

Secret meeting place 

The locations for checking in and out are shared. 

18. The Top Cell Phone Tracking App – GeoZilla 

GeoZilla is an excellent mobile location-tracking tool that can further assist you in keeping your loved ones secure. Using the phone’s GPS, the software makes it easy to find loved ones and sends you notifications anytime someone enters or departs a specific location. Additionally, you can monitor their daily activities and know exactly where they have been. 

Thanks to the speedometer that comes with this top Android tracking app, you can see whether they are driving too fast or using their phone while driving. Users can also send and receive texts and share photos all day. By utilizing significant location change (SLC), you can put the app to sleep by a considerable amount until you depart from a specific location. 

By utilizing significant location change (SLC), you can put the app to sleep by a considerable amount until you depart from a specific location. Regarding family smartphone tracking apps, GeoZila is at the top with its innovative and high-tech capabilities

Features of GeoZilla, the top phone tracker app available in both free and premium editions 

History of your smart location 

This top phone tracking software provides free emergency notifications. 

Reminders for family geo 

Flexible scheduling options for family members 

With premium, you can set up as many location alerts as possible. 

19. Verizon – Smart Family GPS Phone Tracker 

Like any other feature-rich cell phone tracker app, Verizon’s Smart Family app stands out thanks to its fantastic capabilities. You can install the program with a single click and then watch the target devices’ mobile phone activity. On top of that, you’ll be able to manage some aspects with this mobile phone tracker app. 

Regarding parenting, this top GPS tracking app development is free and offers the best help. Driver insight, parental restrictions, and location tracking are all standard features. You can monitor and control what your child accesses online by locating their device and implementing browser and app filters. 

This top-rated tracking app for Android allows you to see the device’s usage, learn about driving patterns, and much more. A companion app works in tandem with the intelligent family app on their child’s device. 

 Specifications of Verizon, the top GPS tracking software for mobile devices 

Tracking device with a global positioning system 

Real-time insights into drivers 

Control and oversee content 

A variety of controls for parents 

How GMTA Can Help You Create a Location-Tracking App?

Hire best Mobile app development company

We have gained the trust of various clients worldwide because of our relentless pursuit of quality in on-demand app development. With GMTA Software Solutions’ cutting-edge GPS tracking app solutions, businesses can reach their target audience easily, leading to increased sales and market dominance. Our Location Tracking Apps are compatible with both iOS and Android devices. 

 How did we test and choose the best location-tracking apps of 2024?

We used a variety of criteria to determine which free Location Tracking Apps were the best for our consumers. Here are a few things to keep in mind while you search for the top tracking apps:  

Monitoring in real-time 

You can’t get reliable location updates without an app supporting real-time GPS tracking. A family tracker app should be able to monitor and trace the phone’s browsing history in addition to GPS tracking.  

Simple user interface  

An intuitive design is crucial for the success of any location monitoring app, whether it’s for iOS or Android. An intuitive and easy-to-use interface guarantees seamless operation across all platforms and devices.  

Security of data  

Best Location Tracking Apps provide services built around personal data analysis. The security and confidentiality of its users should be top priorities for any software. All location-related personal data must be securely encrypted and protected against unauthorized access or disclosure.  

Parental controls 

To keep children secure and private, the best Location Tracking Apps for iOS and Android should include parental solid control features. The best tracking applications will have features like activity monitoring, app usage restriction, and movement regulation.  

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Additional factors  

Additionally, additional criteria are used to choose the top app that monitors users’ whereabouts. Here are a few of them:  

Providing first-rate assistance to clients 

Keep tabs on, record, and organize all incoming and outgoing calls 

Communication with various devices and automotive systems 

Positive feedback from current clients 

How to Choose the Best Family Locator App for iPhone and Android in 2024

Locate top location tracking apps for both iOS and Android devices that have parental control features. An easy-to-use app is available for iOS and Android from every service on this list. 

Make sure the location tracking is accurate. Every one of these parental control apps reliably displays your child’s current location. 

Look for a technology that can do geofencing. Most of these best location tracking apps for Android or iOS also let you define geofenced areas around your child’s regular hangouts and get notifications whenever they go in or out of those regions. 

Think about other options for parental control. Screen time management, app control, and web filtering are fantastic features of an excellent parental control program. These features are available in every single app that provides parental control. 

Invest in an app that provides excellent value. You may try out any of these GPS location tracking apps risk-free because they offer multi-device monitoring and free trials or money-back guarantees. 


What are Phone Tracker Apps?

Even when the GPS is disabled, you may still use this software to monitor the precise whereabouts of the phone you’re interested in. Also, it keeps track of the phone’s past whereabouts, so you can find out where someone is at a given moment. 

Can Location Tracking Apps Work Without An Internet Connection? 

While many GPS programs rely on an active internet connection, a few can function just fine, even when no connectivity is available.  

How Much Does It Cost to Develop Location Tracking Apps?

The anticipated development cost of a primary GPS tracking software platform is $10,000 to $15,000. 

What are the common features of a phone tracking app?

Location monitoring

Device tracking

Radius limits

Cross-platform compatibility



Employee status

Fuel management

Team chat

Task management

Panic button

Arrival time

What are some of the best location-tracking apps?

Among the top location-tracking options are applications such as mSpy, Eyezy, OtoZen, iSharing, Scalefusion, Google Maps, Life360, Glympse, FamiSafe, Find360, and many more. 

How can I track real-time location?

Launch Google Maps on your mobile device. 

Press on your initial or profile photo. Sharing your location. 

Select the desired individual’s profile and tap on it. Press the “More” icon next to a friend’s icon to see their location. Start over. 

 What is the safest location app?

Securing users’ privacy and personal information is a prerequisite for any software that monitors their whereabouts. Among iOS and Android users, Life360 has the best reputation for being a secure location app.  

 How can I track my kid on iPhone and Android?

Get the Family Link app on your device. 

Choose your kid. 

Household locations on the tap. Different location. 

Use the search bar to input a different address. 

From the results that are auto-populated, choose the correct address. 

In the “Location label” text box, give the new spot a name. 

Tap Done

How can I utilize a family finder app on iPhone and Android? 

 Keeping tabs on loved ones’ whereabouts in real-time is now possible with the help of phone tracking software. Here are a few of the top location-tracking apps: 




Google Maps

Find My and more